Cimy WordPress Plug-ins – how to translate

If you want to help the project and you speak a language that isn’t yet translated then you can help me translate one or more plug-in.
Your name and email will be in the readme file.


  1. Download latest version of the plug-in
  2. In the sub-dir ‘langs’ you will find the Italian translation called for example: ‘cimy_uef-it_IT.po’
  3. Copy the file in the same dir with another name, changing only the language code ‘it_IT’ to the language code used for this translation.
    If you are unsure about your language code check the full list here:
  4. Download and install poEdit – – (available for Linux, Windows and MacOSX)
  5. Open the .po file with poEdit and start to translate overwriting of course Italian one
  6. Click on the top menu ‘Catalog->Settings…’ and update the form with the proper information about you and the language used for this translation
  7. When you save poEdit automatically create the compiled .mo file and if all is correct the plug-in will start to be translated immediately
  8. When you finished send me via email both .po and .mo files, I will include them in the next release!

Here are some tips:

  • Try to be case sensitive and respects the original translation
  • If you see a “.” or a “:” then add it too
  • If in your language there are some accent letters then it’s better to put the html code, see:
  • Only for Cimy User Extra Fields pay attention to this string: “With radio and checkbox: Value and equal TO can only be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ that means ‘selected’ or ‘not selected'” ‘Yes‘ and ‘No‘ should NOT be translated, because the plug-in accepts only english words, so if you translate them people will get confused.

Translation status for Cimy User Extra Fields:

  • Italian – Marco Cimmino
  • German – Rita & Franz
  • French – Bruno PS & Sev
  • Brazilian Portuguese – Diana & Sher
  • Russian – mikolka
  • Danish – Rune
  • Swedish – Peter & Erik & Hugo Krantz
  • Bulgarian – Boyan
  • Spanish – David Gil
  • Polish – PiK
  • Belarusian – Alexander Ovsov
  • Arabic – Mamoun Elkheir
  • Persian – Negin Nickparsa
  • Czech – Tomas Hegr
  • Dutch – Wietse Stienstra
  • Hungarian – Balázs Németh

Translation status for Cimy Swift SMTP:

  • Italian – Marco Cimmino
  • Belarusian – FatCow
  • Persian – Mostafa Pourasadollah
  • Czech – Jan
  • Slovak – Branco,
  • Spanish – Maria Ramos, WebHostingHub

Translation status for Cimy Header Image Rotator:

  • Italian – Marco Cimmino
  • Swedish – Jon Wallsten
  • Romanian – Web Geek
  • Slovak – Branco,

Translation status for Cimy Counter:

  • Italian – Marco Cimmino