Cimy User Manager – FAQ and comments

Q1: I got: “Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in [..]”, why?

Q2: I got: “Connection Interrupted The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading [..]”, why?

A: edit your php.ini search and modify these entries:
max_execution_time = 0
max_input_time = 360 ; If the CSV file is very big might be needed to be bigger
file_uploads = On
upload_max_filesize = 20M ; Or whatever is the size of your CSV file to import
post_max_size = 20M ; Or whatever is the size of your CSV file to import

After importing users you can put back original values!

Q: My CSV file doesn’t import correctly, outputs bunch of unrelated errors, why?

A: Check if your CSV file has a text delimiter and/or field delimiter and tell the plug-in to use the same, or to not use anything if not present.
Field delimiter is the character(s) that delimits every cell’s data:
for example if you have the following row in your CSV file:
"marco","","Marco Cimmino"
then you must use double quote as text delimiter and comma as fields delimiter, failing to do so will fail the import of such row(s)!

Q: I have more than 1000 users and this plug-in does not export all of them, why?

A: edit your php.ini search and modify this entry:
max_execution_time = 0

After exporting users you can put back the original value!

Q1: I got “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted [..]”, why?

Q2: I got blank pages after activating this plug-in, why?

A1: Because your memory limit is too low, to fix it edit your php.ini and search memory_limit key and put at least to 12M
A2: If you do not have access to your php.ini you can try this workaround (might not work)

Q: I am using WordPress MS and import feature is not available for anyone else that is not a Super Admin, why?

A: This is a feature of WordPress MS and a possible workaround can be found here:

Q: When feature XYZ will be added?

A: I don’t know, remember that this is a 100% free project so answer is “When I have time and/or when someone help me with a donation”.

Q: Can I help with a donation?

A: Sure, visit the donation page or contact me via e-mail.

Q: Can I hack this plug-in and hope to see my code in the next release?

A: For sure, this is just happened and can happen again if you write useful new features and good code. Try to see how I maintain the code and try to do the same (or even better of course), I have rules on how I write it, don’t want “spaghetti code”, I’m Italian and I want spaghetti only on my plate.
There is no guarantee that your patch will hit an official upcoming release of the plug-in, but feel free to do a fork of this project and distribute it, this is GPL!

Q1: I have found a bug what can I do?
Q2: Something does not work as expected, why?

A: The first thing is to download the latest version of the plug-in and see if you still have the same issue.
If yes please write me an email or write a comment but give as more details as you can, like:

  • Plug-in version
  • WordPress version
  • MYSQL version
  • PHP version
  • exact error that is returned (if any)

after describe what you did, what you expected and what instead the plug-in did 🙂
Then the MOST important thing is: DO NOT DISAPPEAR!
A lot of times I cannot reproduce the problem and I need more details, so if you don’t check my answer then 80% of the times bug (if any) will NOT BE FIXED!

226 thoughts on “Cimy User Manager – FAQ and comments”

  1. Do you have a new location for me to download it from? I just downloaded the zip file from the same URL you provided earlier and got the same results.

  2. That did it. I’ll do some more tests, but it looks like all is well. I’ll work on a donation for your extra efforts too.

  3. Hey Marco – everything is working perfectly with the new edits you made. I just have one question. Is there a way I can change the “From” email address when the new password information is sent to the users?

    Right now, it goes to an email address that doesn’t exist – – and I know somebody in my list of users will try to reply to that email, only to get a send error message.

    Can I change this or do you have to do this? I’ve looked in the code and can’t seem to find where to edit.

    Maybe if it was set to go to – if it can’t be set to go to a real email account. That might help.


    1. Yes this is the default one used by wp_mail function by WordPress. Possible solutions:
      1. Use Cimy Swift SMTP to override the sender, but this will actually apply for all emails
      2. Need to tune Cimy User Manager

      in both cases would be nice that you provide a donation as this is not actually a bug. Thank you.

  4. Got it. I had already installed your Swift SMTP – forgot to check the override box. All is working as needed. Thanks!

  5. Hi Marco,
    You are doing some great work; thanks!
    Hoping for your assistance and grace.

    I’ve tried this in the FAQ:
    “Q: I have more than 1000 users and this plug-in does not export all of them, why?
    A: edit your php.ini search and modify this entry:
    max_execution_time = 0

    After exporting users you can put back original values!”

    I have a db with 543+ users. When trying to export the entire db using your Cimy User Manager plugin (version 1.2.2), it’s only exporting 292 of 543 records. I’ve tried everything that I’ve found that you’ve commented on, both here in FAQ and on your WP support forum threads. Do you have any further ideas? I’m sure the organization would be happy to send a donation. Thanks so much.

  6. After updating PHP to 5.3.9 and increase memory limit to 128M in the client account php.ini file, unfortunately, same result.

  7. I’m trying to adjust the URL that is sent to new users, upon importing and creating the accounts. Despite my attempts by changing the code on Line 686 to be site_url(‘/members-area/’, ‘http’) rather than site_url(‘wp-login.php’, ‘login’), it still sends [site_url]/up-login.php as the link below the username and password in the email body copy.

    CIMY User Manager v1.2.3; WP 3.3.1; PHP 5.x and not sure about MySQL.


    1. Still stuck with emails being generated being pointed to wp-login.php despite what I set in the CIMY PHP file, so posting my code and hoping you’ll see what’s wrong.

      You can view/download it from

      The only edits I made were on lines 5, 6, and 686 – the changes on 5 & 6 were so I don’t receive update notices and accidently overwrite the change on 686.

  8. I keep getting this error: no username provided neither ID, whatever you are trying to do this will be skipped (line 2) even when I have a user name. I didn’t enter and ID because I checked create new user box.

    Any help would be great.

          1. Yeah I tried using an id to see if it would work and I also took it out to see if it would work.

            I chose ” and ‘ for delimiter…

  9. Hi Marco,

    Yeah I tried using an id to see if it would work and I also took it out to see if it would work.

    I chose ” and ‘ for delimiter…

  10. OK – so I can’t seem to get this plug-in to work. I am reverting back to a simple test. I export a file of current users, delete all, add one new user, select the box saying import new users, do not provide a username as instructed then I get an error message that says username is missing.

    What am I missing?


  11. Here is the actual error message – sorry, I should have posted this earlier:

    no username provided neither ID, whatever you are trying to do this will be skipped (line 2)

  12. Just a suggestion that I don’t believe is implemented: import/export with Excel is most convenient as comma or tab-delimited files. In my current project, I can’t use commas, as the %description% includes free text with commas. So I add eg a # as field delimiter, but this requires (at least on export), an extra step – eg export as tab-delimited, convert tabs to # in a text editor, and then import into WordPress. I wonder if it is/would be possible to import a tab-delimited file? Thanks.

  13. Hey,

    We are using your user Manager to upload users with csv. Works fine, except following problem: When I have empty fields and they are not delimited (standard for example with open office), the Plugin brings an error.

    “% USERNAME %”,”% PASSWORD %”,”% ROLE %”,”% FIRSTNAME %”,”% LASTNAME %”,”% NICKNAME %”,”% DISPLAYNAME %”,”% EMAIL %”,”% BLA %”
    “of_test”,”test”,”duw”,”Oliver”,”Fuhrmann”,”of_test”,”Oliver Fuhrmann”,””,

    e-mail ‘”,’ has some invalid characters, used this address instead: ‘’ (line 2)

    Still the user seems to be generated.

    I didn’t look your code in detail, but would it make sense to use fgetcsv instead of fget and explode?


  14. Hi there I am having the same issue with importing users. Any fix or suggestion on how to resolve this? Possible to email you the file to take a look?

    Thanks for any help you can provide. I get this error: no username provided neither ID, whatever you are trying to do this will be skipped (line 2)

    First two lines of my file: % USERID %,% USERNAME %,% EMAIL %,% FIRSTNAME %,% LASTNAME %,%TITLE%,%EMPLOYER%,%Work_Phone%
    2whart,2whart,,Willard,Hart,Director of Fraud,Money Gram,720-568-8222

  15. User manager Version 1.3.1

    trying to import this and keep getting error “no username provided neither ID, whatever you are trying to do this will be skipped (line 2)”

    “test”,”subscriber”,”First test”,”Last test”,”test”,”test”,””,””,””,””,””,””,”2012-02-28 14:57:35″

    I have delimiters set to default of , and ”

    I am checking “Select this option to let the plug-in create users.”


  16. Dear Marco

    I had the same problem and “solved” it by creating a column with the USERID defined and the same settings as Greg C.

    It then creates the users, but with a curious problem:

    The created users get an email, and then log in.
    Each user who’s done that then appears in the list of users, but in the database a duplicate will be created.
    You will also see the number of users hidden and activated on the User Extended admin page.
    One version of the user will have all the information from the CSV import but remains hidden, the other version of the same user will not have this information in their settings but will be shown.

    Apart from that bug, it’s a great tool.
    Grazie mille!


  17. Super plugin, shame it doesnt work properly!

    Importing options sucks! Just does not work!

    Real Shame

  18. Dear Marco,
    I was using the Cimy user manager to create a list of user accounts into my site. I wanted that every account with have a system-generated password and notify them in the Notification Emails.

    However, even I put the passwords in my importdata.csv, the password could not be stored and the notifcation emails only contains the username and email addr, how or where can i ractify this problem? Many thx.

      1. I did try to check either “Send an email to the new users created.” or “end an email to the existing users with the new password.”
        Checked both of them to create new user, but the results are the same.

        1. Tried on my website, works perfectly:
          X Select this option to let the plug-in create users.
          X Send an email to the new users created.

          The auto-generated password is sent to the new user.
          WARNING: Password is never sent to the administrator!

          1. Hi Marco,

            It’s still cant work for my site. The system did not send an welcome email to the newly added user by importing csv. Is that something related to the mail setting of my site?

          2. Hello! I’d like to insert custom text into the email for new users added by the cimy user manager. I inserted some php line into the cimy_user_manager.php file. But still I receve only the username, password and the login URL in the mail.

            if (!empty($_POST[“db_send_email_password_changed”])) {
            $new_password_email_body = sprintf(__(‘Username: %s’), $username) . “\r\n\r\n”;
            $new_password_email_body .= sprintf(__(‘Password: %s’), $value) . “\r\n\r\n”;
            // VZ note text start
            $new_password_email_body .= “Some extra text …” . “\r\n\r\n”;
            // VZ note text end
            $new_password_email_body .= site_url(‘wp-login.php’, ‘login’) . “\r\n\r\n”;
            // VZ note text start
            $new_password_email_body .= “Some extra text …” .”\r\n\r\n”;
            // VZ note text end

          3. You can change the email body from Cimy User Extra Fields admin panel, if you do not have it and don’t want to have such a big plug-in for such a small thing then search for a specific plug-in to do that.

  19. Dear Marco,

    After I installed Cimy Swift SMTP, my newly created user can receive welcome email but with no content in it. How can I solve it?

    Many thx.

    1. Between, if I want to customize the welcome email content, how can I do that?

      I tried to install other plugin, like SB Welcome Email Editor, but it conflicts with your plugin. Another way to do so?

  20. Same error as everyone else while importing users with v1.4.1 : your parser doesn’t seem to identify the % USERNAME % tag and claims it is missing.

    First two lines are:

    “fbar”,”author”,”Foo”,”Bar”,”Foo Bar”,”fbar”,””

    Of course I selected the right separators.
    Thanx for your help

          1. Yep, 1.4.1. That’s what the extension manager says (I used it to install your plugin). I work under linux, could this be a line ending or a character encoding issue? I tried UTF8 and ISO8859-1. I doubt it has anything to do with any of these, but you know better than me and it’s the only thing I can think of.

            I haven’t looked at your code, but another possibility is that the plugin falls back on the message about the missing USERNAME or ID even though the problem is something else.

          1. Ok, I’ve figured out what was wrong : the csv file is created from an openoffice spreadsheat and for some reason, it did not insert regular spaces character between the “%” and the tags… Now it’s all sorted out.

            Thanx for the help.

  21. U little cunt, I hate u!

    Ur a cheeky smarmie little cunt! Just cause you wrote one plugin doesn’t make u a god!

    I hope u die painfully u smug wanker!

    1. I just want to share my solution for the errors I got when trying to import. Some of the people here (Robein) aren’t very coöperative. Excel doesn’t save the ” when exporting to .csv. Replace it with some other marks. I used \. So my Excel sheet looks like this

      ,\\,,,,,,,\\,,,,,,,\Kunst in de etalateur\,\Ik zit in het bestuur en kan voor de rest ook helpen\,\Kunst in de Etalage\,\\

      Then the import will work fine!

      Thanks for making this plugin!

  22. Hi there,

    Thank your for your plugins. I was wondering would it be possible that uppon registration, to create an account expire date with your plugin (with a hidden field or such).

    that after a amount of time users can not login in anymore because there account is expired?

    there seems not te be a suitable plugin that would be able to do this. Only plugins that can do it manually.

  23. Can I view the actual extra fields when I click on ‘View Profile” What is the point of the plugin if data in the extra fields can’t be seen by other visitors?

  24. need to add
    1- any one can upload their resume.
    2- Check Box for terms & condition ( the Terms & Condition should be in selective mod and we can link a page of terms and condition )



  25. hello ! I would like to have some help please. I can’t import and have the message :no username provided neither ID, whatever you are trying to do this will be skipped…

    I tried many solutions but it doesn’t work…

    Here are my 2 first lines of my csv :

    USERID”;”USERNAME”;”NAME”;”rôle”;”E-mail”;”Prénom”;”Mot de passe”etc…


    many thanks

    1. Your cvs is malformed and does not even comply to what the documentation states for the header.
      1. Missing a double quote at the beginning;
      2. Extra Fields in the header not in the proper format.

      1. There is no missing double quote at the beginning, it was just a copy/past error, but I check for the formats in the documentation.

        thanks for your response.

  26. Hello, I was finaly able to import users, but now I have some problems to import extra fields.
    I tried like you mention in the documentation, but after import, it says :
    ‘EXTRA_FIELD_01’ field doesn’t exist (line 2)

    Here are again my 2 first lines :

    “2”;”GILLET”;””;”author”;””;”Rémi”;”GILLET”;”Ancien Bâtonnier, Associé”;”37 rue de la République “;”60100″;”CREIL”;”03 44 61 10 20″;”03 44 25 13 17″;”06/12/1972″;”6 avenue du Général de Gaulle “;”60300″;”SENLIS”;”03 44 31 97 23″;”03 44 66 52 78″

    My extras fields are :
    Code Postal
    Prestation de Serment
    Code Postal 2
    Ville 2
    Tél 2
    Fax 2



  27. I have some users that were denied approval, and some that are awaiting approval. How can/should I include this info in my export file? Could I export only approved users somehow? Thanks so much!!

  28. Ok, I’ve gone through all the listings of the “no username provided neither ID, whatever you are trying to do this will be skipped” error and I believe my syntax is correct. Yet I’m still getting the error. Here’s the first two lines of code:

    “% USERID % “,”% USERNAME % “,”% ROLE %”,”% FIRSTNAME %”,”% LASTNAME %”,”% EMAIL %”,”% CELL_PHONE %”,”% HOME_PHONE %”,”% WORK_PHONE %”,”% STREET_ADDRESS %”,”% ZIP_CODE %”


    1. You have multiple syntax errors in the header.
      1. both userid and username have an extra space between % and "
      2. extra fields do not need any % as the documentation states.

      So your header should be:

  29. Hi Marco,

    I have been looking for a plugin with this functionality for quite some time. I am wondering if this plugin also allows an administrator to DELETE several users at a time (bulk delete). If not, how much would it cost to add this as a feature?

    Also, to be specific, I also want to make sure that the extra fields plugin will allow us to add the fields necessary to designate a user that has paid for a certain product or service. If user “A” purchases product “3 (Access level 1)” and user “B” purchases product “5 (Access level 2)” – we can designate those fields to be applied to each user, correct? this does not need to be automatic but, we do need to specify that each user have a designated access level..

    again, if this is not built in currently, we are willing to pay for these features.

    Thank you so much for your time!

    1. 1. You can already delete serveral users at a time through WordPess->Users search and check, my plug-in won’t provide anything more than that.
      2. You can add dropdowns with different items in it, each user yes can choose their level or you can let the Admin do it for them.

    1. Simon, I don’t know what is ‘Company Name’ if you don’t explain yourself, seems not a WordPress field, if it is an Extra Field follow the documentation, if it is something else I don’t know.

  30. I am using your GREAT plugin to export user data. However, how can I ensure that the data is then secure/safe from hackers? Obviously, I don’t want my users’ personal data to be vulnerable. Thanks for any help!

  31. Hi.
    How to import CSV with scandinavian letters Æ Ø Å? All the text behind one of theese letters are removed when I try to import.

  32. i want to skip importing the user who have the same email already instead of updating the user.
    is there any good way?

  33. If have searched and try to find answer, but it seems to hide from me.

    I found that the plugin seems to work fine. If I update existing users I don’t want to change their passwords on an import update, is it possible?

  34. Hi, Marco, thanks for all! Here’s my question: I added some extra fields to the inscription (in the “Base” group) but I can’t export them to a CSV nor see them at the Users page. When I export all my users I get just the usual fields (email, name, username) but not the new fields I added with your plugin (phone, company, role, address …). Please, help!! 🙂

      1. Yep, I saw it and checked, but still just exporting the usual fields … can you guess what can it be happening? Thanks a lot!!

  35. I’ve finally got the Extra Fields, SMTP, and User Manager all installed (current versions installed from within WP dashboard). WP 4.0. It mostly works.

    In testing (adding new users again and again to troubleshoot), I figured out that I need to remove all the user, usermeta and cimy_ rows from mySQL database, when I was using the same account to test/troubleshoot the install — if you don’t the new accounts won’t generate an email to the new user and/or the user counts in the user list won’t match the actual numbers on the user page. I mention this in case anyone else has these issues. Also, I had to use the SMTP to get the email notification for new users working, but now that I’ve got all three that works great. However… and this is why I post….

    I don’t get errors when I use the manager to import new users. And, if I look in the mySQL database, the new users’ fields (both in the WP user and usermeta and in the cimy_uefdata table) have the correct information. So, the database is correctly updating.

    However, when I look at the user profile logged in as the new user, the fields appear blank on the user profile. Also, when I log in as an admin and look at the list of users, the first name and last name fields (as well as website, etc.) are blank for the new user (even though in the mySQL database the information is there in the mySQL table). The fields are also blank in the extended user fields view as well (even though I can see the information in the mySQL table).

    Any idea why the information might be updating the database but not showing up when I refresh the view in wordpress? Could it be caching (but it shows the new username/user, just not the other fields)? Or, could it be how the data is in the database?

    I’ve successfully created a new user both with ” ” and without ” ” [and checking/not checking the import options boxes]. Could that make a difference?

    I am stumped. 😀

  36. It wasn’t the cache. But I fixed it. I don’t really know why it was not working exactly. But, I noticed that every time I uploaded a file with a new user, it created 2 entires in the database. I think it was because on the User Extra Fields settings page I had the first 3 boxes checked (show all fields, enable email confirmation, enable form confirmation). So what I *think* was happening is that it created a new user and sent an activation email and then when the person activated it created a second new user again. I’m not sure that’s why, but I do know that unchecking the boxes fixed it. Thanks for these plugins and your quick reply. 😀

  37. Hi,
    I have couple of questions for you;
    1) Any idea about how many users can login using THE same credential at a same time?
    1) Is there any way to prevent a particular user from giving away his / her right to change password?

  38. Hi Guys

    Its impossible to import a csv!
    I always get the same error: username missing cannot add an user without it (line 2)

    what am I doing wrong? can you send me an example import-csv file?

    1. no username provided neither ID, whatever you are trying to do this will be skipped (line 2)

      I got also this one.
      I’ve tried it with the example on the documentation…

  39. Hi there.
    I really love your plugin but has an issue.
    Unfortunately, Romanian characters like ă, ţ, ş are not recognized in the final CSV file, they get changed into untranslatable ascii text. Can you please tell me how can I fix them? I have too much users to change everything manually.

  40. Hi,
    You’re plugin is awsome !
    But I have a problem.
    My user database contains aproximately 26 000 users and when I load my csv file, worpress load and stop the load (after some minutes) with an (500) Internal Server Error. I return to the user list in worpress and the plugin have creat 400 users only ! I have retry and it’s the same thing everytime.
    Load, Internal Server Error, and 400 news users created.

    What can I do ? The plugin have a limit number to imported user ?

    Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english…


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