Cimy User Extra Fields – FAQ and comments

Q: When will be supported mandatory accept of terms and conditions field?

A: Has been always there: is as easy as adding a checkbox and setting “equal to” rule to YES.

Q: What the Database options do exactly?

A: Basically you can:
– empty or drop extra fields or extra fields data (inserted by users)
– reset or drop plug-in’s options

Q: Yes but will this affect other data? It says “WordPress Fields table”, this is scary.

A: No, it will affect _only_ the data produced by the plug-in. Really.
Also keep in mind that if you do NOT have to restore default values or uninstall the plug-in, then you do not need to touch them.

Q: Cimy User Extra Fields is not compatible with “Themed Login”, how can I do?

A: The reality is this plug-in IS compatible with WordPress 2.1 or greater and “Themed Login” NOT, so it’s NOT a Cimy User Extra Field’s bug! However I have tried with a little success a workaround to make it works, but first please understand that this is totally untested and unsupported hack, if you want a better one ask the author of that plug-in to support new WordPress!
If you still want *my* personal and unsupported hack edit the plug-in “Themed Login” and do these 3 modifications:

  1. at line 773, after “global $wpdb, $wp_query;” add this:
    global $errors;
  2. at line 811, before “if ( 0 == count($errors) ) {” add this:
  3. at line 871, before “A password will be emailed to you.” add this:

Q1: I got “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted […]”, why?
Q2: I got blank pages after activating this plug-in, why?

A1: Because your memory limit is too low, to fix it edit your php.ini and search memory_limit key and put at least to 12M
A2: If you do not have access to your php.ini you can try this workaround (might not work)

Q: Your plug-in is great, but when you will add support to add more than one choice in radio and dropdown fields?

A: This feature is here since ages, for radio field just use the same name, for dropdown field read instructions in the add field area (in the plug-in).

Q: Uploaded images are not resized, why?

A: You should add php-gd module (under Ubuntu install php5-gd package).

Q: Why big files are not being uploaded?

A: Please check this website, tells you how to change your PHP configurations to fix this issue:

Q: Why admin user cannot see all fields even if I set to do it?

A: Probably you installed the first time WordPress on PHP4 and you experienced this bug:
To fix the problem you need to create another administrator user and change admin user to another role and then back to administrator.

Q1: I’m using your plug-in on WordPress MultiSite per-blog installation and when I register one user all Extra Fields are ignored, why?
Q2: I get this error: ‘Fatal error: Call to undefined function cimy_uef_mu_blog_exists()’, why?

A: Because you missed to move cimy_uef_mu_activation.php file please check carefully the installation steps.

Q: I’m using your plug-in on WordPress MultiSite per-blog installation, I’m registering users on one blog but they appear on the main blog too, why?

A: Because WordPress MS is designed like that and I can’t do anything about, however all extra fields and relative data are saved per-blog.
Since I had already a long discussion with an user that didn’t believe this, don’t bother me to insist on this topic until you prove I’m wrong.

Q: I’m trying to use a regular expression in the rules, but the check does not work as expected, why?

A: Usually means your regex is wrong, please study how to properly build it:

Q1: I do not see Extra Fields under the page user-new.php can you add there too?

Q2: How can I import new users with Extra Fields data into?

A: Unluckily due to a WordPress limitation I can’t add Extra Fields into user-new.php but you can quickly add all the users you want using my plugin: Cimy User Manager

Q: I cannot edit neither delete some Extra Fields, usually after the 10th one, why?

A: Your PHP server is probably limiting number of $_POST elements, Suhosin for example does it. Please allow at least 500 or more vars.

Q: I am trying to change the fields’ order, but whatever I try it doesn’t work, why?

A: First of all you need to select at least 2 fields if you want to change the order.
Secondly if you change for example field n.1 to position n.3 be sure that field n.3 goes into another position and finally that a field goes into position n.1
In short: every field should have a new position or at least the same one, but no positions can be skipped or be present multiple times.

Q: When feature XYZ will be added?

A: I don’t know, remember that this is a 100% free project so answer is “When I have time and/or when someone help me with a donation”.

Q: Can I help with a donation?

A: Sure, visit the donation page or contact me via e-mail.

Q: Can I hack this plug-in and hope to see my code in the next release?

A: For sure, this is just happened and can happen again if you write useful new features and good code. Try to see how I maintain the code and try to do the same (or even better of course), I have rules on how I write it, don’t want “spaghetti code”, I’m Italian and I want spaghetti only on my plate.
There is no guarantee that your patch will hit an official upcoming release of the plug-in, but feel free to do a fork of this project and distribute it, this is GPL!

Q1: I have found a bug what can I do?
Q2: Something does not work as expected, why?

A: The first thing is to download the latest version of the plug-in and see if you still have the same issue.
If yes please write me an email or write a comment but give as more details as you can, like:

  • Plug-in version
  • WordPress version
  • MYSQL version
  • PHP version
  • exact error that is returned (if any)

after describe what you did, what you expected and what instead the plug-in did 🙂
Then the MOST important thing is: DO NOT DISAPPEAR!
A lot of times I cannot reproduce the problem and I need more details, so if you don’t check my answer then 80% of the times bug (if any) will NOT BE FIXED!

2,201 thoughts on “Cimy User Extra Fields – FAQ and comments”

  1. Hi,
    I am having an issue about the picture users can upload when they are filling the registration form.
    The button is ok, I select a picture from my computer, everything ok, the name of the picture appears ok. But When I click to finalize the registration the picture seems not to be there. I get the message “field picture must not be empty”. What Am I doing wrong?
    Thank you very much.

  2. Hi, I have a large form now with many extra fields. I have an issue where if the user does not enter one of the required fields, on submit the whole form is cleared and they have to start again and repeat the information. Is there a work around to prevent that please?

  3. Hi. I’m looking to add a security feature to my registration-user profiles. I’d like the user to be able to hide there phone number and or home address (for example: 11411 Mylistings Ave )”at will” when they don’t have anything listed at the moment. Home address more so. The over all fear is robberies. Can this be done?

  4. Hello, I have the same question as Ayron that has not been answered, how can I modify/edit the activation Email message? I do not like how it is worded and need to change it.. please advise how to do this. Thank you 🙂

  5. Hello Marco,

    I used your plugin to add extra Fields in the User Profile.
    But now, when I have more than one extra field and want to receive an admin email, the first sentence gets doubled for every field. So its like:

    User changed the profile.
    Field: Street:
    Last Value: ‘Test6’
    New Value: ‘Test7’
    User changed the profile.
    Field: Town:
    Last Value: ”
    Next Value: ‘Teststadt’

    “User changed the profile” shouldn´t be multiplied.
    Do you have an idea how to do that?

    Thanks in advance,

  6. Hello, great plugin! Many try to achieve this same thing, few succeed to this degree.

    I was wondering if there are functions to modify fields programmatically, just like we can access info in those fields by calling get_cimyFieldValue.


  7. Ciao Marco,
    I am trying to add some fields to the registration page and I have been advised to use your plugin.
    I am trying to make it work but the changes I make do not show and I do not know what I am doing wrong.
    I am working on a multisite environtment and I have followed the the plugin instruction.
    I am using a Theme called ProjectTheme but thsi could not be the isue because I have seen another site with the same Theme using your plugin.
    If I go to Users/extended users I see the new field as ” Update selected users”
    Do you have any clue what the problem could be?
    Many thanks in advanced

  8. I believe there might be a problem since WordPress 4.3, although I might also have broken something.

    When users sign up for the site, the confirmation email (in my case “[%s] Your username and password”) does not provide the right password, but the word “both”. Also, and this might be a clue to find out what’s going on, the subject of the email is not being translated into the right language (Spanish in my case, and I did translate that bit in the .po .mo files, although before it was woking fine even without the translation).

    Any ideas if this might be related to the plugin versio, wordpress version or it is entirely my fault?


    1. Never mind, it seems that after disabling and reactivating the plug in solved this issue. I have tried this at least 5 times so far with no luck.

  9. Ciao Marco,
    ho installato il tuo plugin, selezionato “Abilita la conferma dell’email”.
    funziona tutto correttamente, un utente però non ha ricevuto la mail, e io non posso attivarlo (giustamente se riprova l’iscrizione dice che l’utente e la password sono giĂ  usati).
    Non c’è modo di visualizzare gli utenti “in sospeso”?

  10. I am unable to upload files using Cimy Extra fields in linux, works well with Windows – locally.

    Permissions are set to writable.


    1. The plugin file cimy_uef_functions.php was checking for multisite, removing which the files are now uploaded successfully.

  11. When users sign up for the site, the confirmation email ,
    WHEN USER ACTIVATE This notice confirms that your password was changed MAIL SENDING HOW TO FIX IT

  12. Hi Ciao Marco,
    I am trying to add some fields to the registration and edit page. It is working on default wordpress registration/edit profile page, but I have custome pages for reg/edit-profile, there picture filed not working on custom pagesDo you have any clue what the problem could be?
    Many thanks in advanced

  13. hello every one i want to delete default field show in registration for example website input field how can i remove this can anyone help me please reply..?

  14. Found your plugin that has saved me hours, great job.

    All is working well except when trying to add checkboxes, I just cannot seem to get them to work.

    Can you or someone here give me an example of how the value etc is supposed to look in the Add Field section, there has to be something I am doing wrong here.

  15. Hi,

    I’m trying to deactive the plugin, but I’m unable to do so. It still shows as active. Any ideas why that is, and how do I move forward to deactivate it?

  16. Can I use the “NAME” of each field in the email that I send out? The one that’s automatically capitalized? If so, why is it not working?

    Also, some of the options under “General” become unchecked right after I save them. This is getting to me, thanks for your help!

  17. Aw man, hmm can I use HTML in it then?

    Okay I see now what I was doing wrong: When I have the options such as “Show all fields in the welcome email”, etc. the extra fields I created (such as upload picture) get removed from the registration form. Leaving only the default WordPress ones. To fix this problem I played with some of the settings and realized that if I select “Cimy User Extra Fields Options” and set it to default, the extra Cimy options (upload a picture) will be back, however as mentioned before the other options are cleared. I’m not sure if I made sense with my problem, if you have any questions about what’s going on, please let me know!

    1. You probably have “Email confirmation” option enabled, which is incompatible with any file upload.
      “Show all fields in the welcome email” has nothing to do with your problem.

  18. Ciao,
    vorrei sapere come devo fare per cambiare il testo dell’email che arriva dopo che l’utente si e’ registrato.
    Stranamento arriva in inglese con la seguente dicitura:
    You have been approved to access “nomesito”
    Nome Utente

  19. I’ve changed some values in the my profile section but not all of them and I clicked on update profile and then it gives me the warning that for example ERROR: Current Employer * couldn’t be empty. Then all the data that I’ve entered is lost amd the fields goes blank. Sometimes the users doesnt know that they have to enter all the data or probably miss some of the textbox. How a can I store it so that the users wouldnt have to do the work two time. I need most of the values to be required.

    1. This is how WordPress works on the “Your Profile” page, you try removing the email address which is also required, change the First Name and save, the data is cleared back to what it was before.

  20. Hi,
    how can I show my custom userfield in a page using PHP code?
    I know how to do this with default user fields, like:
    $current_user = wp_get_current_user();
    echo ” Hello $current_user->user_firstname”;

    But how to do this with cimy extra fields?


  21. hi
    i use this plugin with php 5.4 but “file” type does not show in registeration page.
    what should i do ?

  22. Hello Marco,
    thanks for your plugin, it helped me a lot, however I have encountered a problem using it.

    I am using bbpress and on the edit profile page I can’t change my password. I get this errors:

    ERROR: Password couldn’t be empty.
    ERROR: Password confirmation couldn’t be empty.

    when I disable your plugin the errors dissapear. Any information on how to fix this issue?

      1. Typing a password on the registration form works perfectly, however afterwards when I try to change the password trough the profile page those errors occur.

  23. Hello Marco, sorry for writing here again but i have another question regarding your plugin 🙂
    I wonder why when I make an error in the registration form (ex. miss to fill a required field) instead of keeping me on the same registration page in the frontend, website redirects to /wp-login.php and displays the form with the marked errors there?

  24. Is it possible to have the fields (and the registration form for my site) have two columns rather than just one long list with one column?

  25. Hello,

    I’m having an issue, related to data that is not saved.

    My webpage has 6700 users, and some flash based activities that send data to 20 different fields. I don’t know exactly why, but certain fields are not written in the database. Like, field4 has data, then field5 doesn’t and field6 again has.

    I’ve deleted some fields and maybe that caused the problem.
    Looks like I lost those specific fields that has no data now and can not write in them.

    The weirdest part is that the php calls are there in Apache’s log. So I have the data in my server. And if I take the data from my Apache’s log and run the php… THE DATA IS SAVED!

    WordPress: 4.2.5
    Apache: 2.4.9
    MySQL: 5.5.36
    PHP: 5.4.27

    Can this strange behaviour be caused by my wordpress version?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi, your WordPress is a bit old indeed, anyway where these fields are exactly edited? During registration? Profile? Plug-in’s specific and modified page?
      Thanks for the added information, but I need the exact use case here.

  26. Hi,

    I to try UPDATE the FIELD ($cidade_nova)

    CIDADE = my extra field by Cimy

    if (isset( $_GET[ ‘updated’ ] )){
    $cidade_nova = $_POST[‘cimy_uef_CIDADE’];

    $result = set_cimyFieldValue($profileuser->ID, ‘CIDADE’, $cidade_nova);

    $_POST[‘cimy_uef_CIDADE’] always null



    <input type="hidden" name="cimy_uef_CIDADE_4_prev_value" value="”>
    <input id="cimy_uef_4" class="regular-text" name="cimy_uef_CIDADE" type="text" value="”>


  27. Hi,

    Thanks for the great plugin ! Plugin is working great.

    But , all validations work correctly only if i am registering
    at link :-

    I have custom page with registration form. which i achieved
    using plugin WP Register Profile Settings. it gives me short code by which i can use same form on other pages.

    so i can even get cimy extra fields on that shortcode form.

    validations don’t work here on extra fields. validation works on wp fields.

    Anyway to enable validations of extra fields on any page ?

  28. Question: Does this plugin have the capability to make users enter their email twice? A lot of people type their email address in wrong and then wonder why they can’t login later, it’s annoying. I’d like to see a “type email again” feature

  29. Buon giorno Marco,

    Avrei un quesito da porti, cioè, vorrei inserire nel tuo plug in (Cimy User Extra Fields) gli elenchi delle Regioni, Province, e Comuni in modo da permettere una puntuale registrazione degli utenti.
    E’ possibile integrare nel tuo plug in tali informazioni senza doverle creare e mantenere a mano?

    Grazie mille per la gentile attenzione


  30. firstly thanks for the plugin.

    I got some problem using this plugin. when it sent a welcome message after create a account to new user and admin, it adds some extra text (Username: asikur222 Nickname: asikur222) at the end. how can i get rid of this problem.

  31. hi,
    your Plugin looks rly great!
    I am using WooCommerce, and unfortunetly the mandetory option does not work. Any idea what i can do?
    thanks, vio

  32. For Cimy User Extra Fields, I’m using your example ‘CASE 4a:
    get all users that have a specific value in a specific extra field’

    How can I echo their display name or nickname instead of user_login? I tried “nickname” and some variations on “display_name”. Those both come up blank but ‘user_login’ works.

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