• Q: When will be supported mandatory accept of terms and conditions field?

    A: Has been always there: is as easy as adding a checkbox and setting “equal to” rule to YES.

    Q: What the Database options do exactly?

    A: Basically you can:
    - empty or drop extra fields or extra fields data (inserted by users)
    - reset or drop plug-in’s options

    Q: Yes but will this affect other data? It says “WordPress Fields table”, this is scary.

    A: No, it will affect _only_ the data produced by the plug-in. Really.
    Also keep in mind that if you do NOT have to restore default values or uninstall the plug-in, then you do not need to touch them.

    Q: Cimy User Extra Fields is not compatible with “Themed Login”, how can I do?

    A: The reality is this plug-in IS compatible with WordPress 2.1 or greater and “Themed Login” NOT, so it’s NOT a Cimy User Extra Field’s bug! However I have tried with a little success a workaround to make it works, but first please understand that this is totally untested and unsupported hack, if you want a better one ask the author of that plug-in to support new WordPress!
    If you still want *my* personal and unsupported hack edit the plug-in “Themed Login” and do these 3 modifications:

    1. at line 773, after “global $wpdb, $wp_query;” add this:
      global $errors;
    2. at line 811, before “if ( 0 == count($errors) ) {” add this:
    3. at line 871, before “A password will be emailed to you.” add this:
      <?php do_action(‘register_form’); ?>

    Q1: I got “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted [...]“, why?
    Q2: I got blank pages after activating this plug-in, why?

    A1: Because your memory limit is too low, to fix it edit your php.ini and search memory_limit key and put at least to 12M
    A2: If you do not have access to your php.ini you can try this workaround (might not work)

    Q: Your plug-in is great, but when you will add support to add more than one choice in radio and dropdown fields?

    A: This feature is here since ages, for radio field just use the same name, for dropdown field read instructions in the add field area (in the plug-in).

    Q: Uploaded images are not resized, why?

    A: You should add php-gd module (under Ubuntu install php5-gd package).

    Q: Why big files are not being uploaded?

    A: Please check this website, tells you how to change your PHP configurations to fix this issue: http://www.radinks.com/upload/config.php

    Q: Why admin user cannot see all fields even if I set to do it?

    A: Probably you installed the first time WordPress on PHP4 and you experienced this bug: http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/8317
    To fix the problem you need to create another administrator user and change admin user to another role and then back to administrator.

    Q1: I’m using your plug-in on WordPress MultiSite per-blog installation and when I register one user all Extra Fields are ignored, why?
    Q2: I get this error: ‘Fatal error: Call to undefined function cimy_uef_mu_blog_exists()’, why?

    A: Because you missed to move cimy_uef_mu_activation.php file please check carefully the installation steps.

    Q: I’m using your plug-in on WordPress MultiSite per-blog installation, I’m registering users on one blog but they appear on the main blog too, why?

    A: Because WordPress MS is designed like that and I can’t do anything about, however all extra fields and relative data are saved per-blog.
    Since I had already a long discussion with an user that didn’t believe this, don’t bother me to insist on this topic until you prove I’m wrong.

    Q: I’m trying to use a regular expression in the rules, but the check does not work as expected, why?

    A: Usually means your regex is wrong, please study how to properly build it: http://php.net/manual/en/function.preg-match.php

    Q1: I do not see Extra Fields under the page user-new.php can you add there too?

    Q2: How can I import new users with Extra Fields data into?

    A: Unluckily due to a WordPress limitation I can’t add Extra Fields into user-new.php but you can quickly add all the users you want using my plugin: Cimy User Managerhttp://www.marcocimmino.net/cimy-wordpress-plugins/cimy-user-manager/

    Q: I cannot edit neither delete some Extra Fields, usually after the 10th one, why?

    A: Your PHP server is probably limiting number of $_POST elements, Suhosin for example does it. Please allow at least 500 or more vars.

    Q: I am trying to change the fields’ order, but whatever I try it doesn’t work, why?

    A: First of all you need to select at least 2 fields if you want to change the order.
    Secondly if you change for example field n.1 to position n.3 be sure that field n.3 goes into another position and finally that a field goes into position n.1
    In short: every field should have a new position or at least the same one, but no positions can be skipped or be present multiple times.

    Q: When feature XYZ will be added?

    A: I don’t know, remember that this is a 100% free project so answer is “When I have time and/or when someone help me with a donation”.

    Q: Can I help with a donation?

    A: Sure, visit the donation page or contact me via e-mail.

    Q: Can I hack this plug-in and hope to see my code in the next release?

    A: For sure, this is just happened and can happen again if you write useful new features and good code. Try to see how I maintain the code and try to do the same (or even better of course), I have rules on how I write it, don’t want “spaghetti code”, I’m Italian and I want spaghetti only on my plate.
    There is no guarantee that your patch will hit an official upcoming release of the plug-in, but feel free to do a fork of this project and distribute it, this is GPL!

    Q1: I have found a bug what can I do?
    Q2: Something does not work as expected, why?

    A: The first thing is to download the latest version of the plug-in and see if you still have the same issue.
    If yes please write me an email or write a comment but give as more details as you can, like:

    • Plug-in version
    • WordPress version
    • MYSQL version
    • PHP version
    • exact error that is returned (if any)

    after describe what you did, what you expected and what instead the plug-in did :)
    Then the MOST important thing is: DO NOT DISAPPEAR!
    A lot of times I cannot reproduce the problem and I need more details, so if you don’t check my answer then 80% of the times bug (if any) will NOT BE FIXED!

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  1. Naveen says:

    How can i change the validation message and how can i add more validation to it, means i need to validate the firstname, i want to search for any numbers included in it how can i do it.

    1. Regular expression rule is what you want. But please don’t ask me to create the rule for you, just read the documentation.

  2. Sola says:

    Good plugin-in…..when users click the validation link sent to them, they are redirected to the profile page….pls how can change this such so that they are redirected to the home page…

  3. Wayne Fusco says:

    I have some odd things happening. All I want is last name, first name and email. For some reason there is an extra last name field and nothing I do will remove it. Also the password field is split between two rows.

    1. Delete the extra field “Last name” and keep the WordPress one.

  4. Juan Alpízar says:

    Is there a way to change the address from which the emails are sent?

    For example to change from wordpress@… to myorganization@…

    1. This is a WordPress limitation, download Cimy Swift SMTP for email purposes.

  5. irene says:

    I want to see extra fields when I create a user. Thanks

    1. Irene, read the FAQ.

  6. takahisa says:

    how can i set each option “value” attribute for dropdown?
    like <option value=”value-a”>Item A<option>

  7. mswas says:

    When a new user is registering, how can I make the Display name default to the cimy field NICKNAME without having to go into the user profile and setting it manually?

    1. Not supported at the moment.

      1. mswas says:

        ok thanks for the reply. would love to see that in the future

  8. Jill says:

    I’ve just started using cuef and it’s a really useful plugin! I noticed that some of the error messages are not translated correctly into English. For example, “First name couldn’t be empty” should be “First name must not be empty” or “Please type your First name”, which isn’t the greatest English either (I would say “enter” rather than “type”), but that’s how WP does it on the Registration screen. If you would like assistance, I would be glad to help out with translating messages. Thanks so much for all your hard work and a great plugin!

  9. Christi says:

    I am reading through all of these posts but not finding my problem yet.
    I had everything working fine, the registration form is working great, the email comes to me, and an email with attachment goes to the person registered as it is meant to, however, not all of the information the users are entering on the registration form is not coming through, several of the fields are blank :(
    Also is there any way to add the date registered to the user extended?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. WordPress and plug-in versions? Are you using plugins that modify the standard WordPress registration? More info needed.
      Regarding the registration date, yes you can have it, you can add a ‘registration-date’ Extra Field (yes I agree, should be part of the hidden WordPress fields instead).

      1. Christi says:

        Sorry. Most recent version of Worpress, I actually just updated it thinking that may have been the cause, but it made it worse, now I am getting none of the information from the registration forms :(
        Version 2.6.1 of CEUF

        1. For “getting none” you mean is not sent via email but saved onto the profile or not even saved?
          Also (2nd time I ask): do you use other plug-ins that are modifying the standard wordpress registration page?

  10. Christi says:

    it’s not in the email, the email just says new user registered, its not in the profile, its no where.
    No other plug ins for the registration page, it’s just written .php on the application page.

    1. Written .php on the application page

      What does this mean? Is it or not the STANDARD WORDPRESS REGISTRATION PAGE? YES/NO QUESTION.
      If it is something else modified by a plug-in or written by someone else other than WordPress devs then IS NOT SUPPORTED.

  11. Francesca says:

    Prima di tutto grazie per questo plugin! :-)
    Ho un problema con chrome sui campi data. Mi fa vedere due “date picker” e non prende i valori dal calendario.
    Sai darmi qualche dritta su dove intervenire?

    1. Altre info utili? Versione? WordPress? Altri plug-in? Screenshot? Qualsiasi cosa che mi faccia capire il problema e riprodurlo.

      1. Francesca says:

        Si hai ragione, scusami!
        Su firefox non mi da problemi, mi si presenta solo su chrome.

        WordPress 3.7.1.
        cimy Version 2.6.1
        Nessun plugin significativo con javascript

        qua c’è uno screenshot

        1. Non la stai dicendo tutta, quella visualizzazione non mi sembra il profilo di default di WordPress. C’e’ del codice non nativo.

  12. Francesca says:

    uhm…come non nativo? :-/
    non c’ho fatto niente di che ma ricontrollo per sicurezza.

    qua l’elenco dei plugin

    1. Francesca says:

      ah ho un file miologin.css ..dici che è questo ?

      1. Purtroppo il tuo primo screenshot non fa vedere tutto quanto, ma non mi sembra il profilo standard di WordPress. Non posso essere piu’ preciso perche’ ti rifiuti di dirmi che cosa usate, se quello e’ il front-end o il back-end e nemmeno mi fai screenshot completi.

        Non sono un veggente purtroppo.

  13. Francesca says:

    Scusami non è che non volevo darti informazioni anzi…
    Il login lo puoi trovare qui http://www.icse-co.org/brainresources/wp-login.php?action=register
    ed è in front-end e utilizza un css diverso che ho chiamato miologin.css

    scusami ancora

    1. Oh finalmente ora si capisce cosa sta succedendo.
      Allora, sembra che Google Chrome (ma anche iOS Safari e Opera) abbia una nuova funzionalita’ sui tipi di campo “date” e c’e’ un conflitto che dovro’ sistemare, piu’ info qui:

      Grazie della segnalazione.

  14. DarioDN says:

    Ciao :)
    Dopo aver creato un campo dropdown e aver inserito le etichette, come posso fare – tramite codice – a visualizzare in un form tutte le etichette in menu a discesa con, eventualmente, evidenziata l’etichetta selezionata in precedenza per quel particolare utente?
    Es: ho il campo “genere”: etichette M ed F. In un form voglio far visualizzare sia M che F a discesa, con M selezionato (perché nel profilo utente è impostato M). Grazie

    1. $ret = cimy_dropDownOptions($label, $value);
      $label = $ret['label'];
      $html = $ret['html'];
      echo "<select>".$ret['html']."</select>";

      To get the $label and the $value please read the documentation.

  15. Hey, Marco. I’m building a plugin to do external authentication for a client who also uses your plugin. Once my plugin authenticates from the external source, a new WordPress user is created from the data pulled from that source. How can I get the first and last names into the user account extended by Cimy User Extra Fields? I’ve tried set_cimyFieldValue, but either that only works for creating new fields, or I’m not using it properly.

    1. Native WordPress First and Last names are not part of this plugin, see:

      Plus you can create the user with First and Last name already in, you do not need to update it on a second step:

      1. I have done that, but it seems the first and last name fields and under the control of the plugin. Those columns are no longer in the users database. Are you saying the plugin does not provide its own first and last name fields?

        When I create the user, I supply the first and last names. These show in the display name, but they are not added to the user’s first and last name fields. This screenshot shows a first and last name field in the plugin which do not share the names of the WP default fields. Is this a customization my client has made, or does the plugin do this by default?

        1. Yes, those are WordPress fields (as mentioned by the header too), what the plugin does is simply to show them in the registration form (profile has them already), but the information are saved differently, using WordPress functions as mentioned earlier.

          1. I was able to set the fields using this:

            update_user_meta( $new_user_id, “first_name”, $ext_user['firstName'] ) ;

            Not sure why I have to do that in addition to setting these fields when I create the user, but it does work.

  16. Oscar says:

    Hi there, seems a good plugin. But I just couldnt make it work. I downloaded your latest version of Cimy User Extra Fields v2.6.1 and I have a buddypress registration form and I just want to add a REQUIRED avatar upload section thats all. Thats the only reason I downloaded and activated your plugin. But even though I created an extra field at the bottom of your plugin form as avatar, still that avatar upload button hasnt appeared on my form. Nowhere at all. Please help me out, thanx.

    1. I am sorry, but I don’t know how Buddy Press works.

  17. Colm says:

    I have installed the plugin and want to use an extra field to filter data from cfdb how can i get a shortcode to do this.?

  18. Mona says:

    Hi Marco,

    Thank you for the great plugin.

    My issue is that in the registration form I have unticked ‘Can be empty’ but it still allows registrations without throwing an error that it is a compulsory field. Can you please assist, field is Business Name on the page:


    I have set the Min Length to 1 and max-length to 500.

    Thank you,

    1. Mona says:

      Hi Marco,

      Also the Registration form is part of the Woocommerce Myaccount shortcode.

      So although the fields appear, they are not made mandatory.

      Thank you,

      1. This may be the problem, does it work with the standard WordPress registration page?

        1. Mona says:

          Hi Marco,

          It works for standard WP registration, can you make it work for Woocommerce, any suggestions as to how I can make it work.

          Thank you,

  19. Mona says:

    Hi Marco,

    Can you please help with adding asterix (*) beside the label for required fields i.e. when “Can be empty” is unchecked.


    Thank you.

  20. Mona says:

    Hi Marco,

    I need to change the size of the textbox to 500px, I tried to update the cimy_uef_register.css in plugins/cimy-user-extra-fields/css but that doesn’t seem to take affect.

    Can you help please.

    Page is http://www.indieframes.com.au/register/

    Thank you,

  21. Franco says:

    Ciao Marco, tantissimi complimenti per il tuo plugin.
    Non riesco più a visualizzare i campi file nel form di registrazione. Cosa posso aver combinato?
    Non ho agito sul codice e fino a ieri non succedeva. (non ho cambiato nemmno “Mostra il campo se il ruolo è Anonimo”).


    1. Franco says:

      SCUSA, ho impostato “Cimy User Extra Fields Options” ai valori di default ed è tornato tutto a posto.
      Ancora grazie e complimenti.

  22. Zwlokii says:

    hi, Marco.
    big thanks for the plugin.

    i spent last few hours fighting with a bug. apparently WP function get_avatar() didn’t call your filter cimy_uef_avatar_filter(). even though the WP Console I used told me clearly that the filter was successfully associated with it.
    your filter called from the console worked fine but a call to get_avatar() returned ” all the time not even trying to call your filter.

    just as i was about to post the mystery here, i solved it by accident.
    there is a checkbox in WP Settings->Discussion labeled “show avatars”. when it’s not checked get_avatar() skip calling it’s filters and just return ”.

    i hope this will save someone’s time.

    cheers & one more time thanks for the plugin.
    keep it up.

  23. Zoran says:

    Hi Marco,

    I like Your plugin very much, but I have a problem.
    We develop site with profile section split into several forms. I set up avatar and few profile images for users. If I set avatar field value and to be viewed on profile form, then it return error if is not called on every form.
    If I set up to call it on every form (and hide it), then upload_file.js check if image has proper extensions by field ID (which is multiplied on every form), return empty value of the first one, and returns error.
    I can rewrite this script to check form id and fields inside, but I’m not fan of altering plugin code.
    Is there any way to achieve goal?

    Thanks and best regards,

    1. Which error? More details on the code? How can I understand in your opinion?

  24. micc says:

    hello, Marco.
    big thanks for the plugin!

    Can’t we use this plugin in taxonomy.php?
    i try it. but can’t use.

  25. Jessica says:

    Hi Marco,
    Love the plugin, just one issue I cannot seem to figure out. I have added the password field, however down the bottom of the registration it still says ‘A password will be emailed to you’. How do I remove this?


    1. It does get removed in the standard WordPress registration pages, but you are using a custom one and then all CSS are not loaded, as you can see inputs are shorter too.

  26. RedHotBorscht says:


    Loving your plugin, especially because you can view all the users with extra fields in dashboard.

    My trouble is that I have to make two fields–one checkbox and one dropdown. The dropdown field has to be disabled until the checkbox field is checked. I know how to do this with onclick and disabled attributes and a small JS script. Any suggestions how to incorporate this with your plugin?

  27. cai says:

    Hello! I’ve read the read me and comments but i might just be blind. Is there a way to show a users extra fields on a page? similar to user meta short code plugin.

  28. Raffaele says:

    salve signor Cimmino inanzitutto complimenti per il suo plugin.
    Ho un problema in fase di registrazione praticamente quando vado a cliccare su registrati mi da il seguente errore:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function login_header() in C:\xampp\htdocs\sab\wp-content\plugins\cimy-user-extra-fields\cimy_uef_register.php on line 1302
    ho wordpress 3.8.1
    il plugin e il 2.6.1 e uso theme my login

    1. Gentile Raffaele, non ha menzionato che sta usando la conferma della registrazione (cosa che ho dovuto evincere) e non ha nemmeno letto le “KNOWN ISSUES” che affermano:

      - registration confirmation does not work if you use Theme My Login plug-in


  29. Pedro says:

    Nice plugin!
    This is a little mod to hide/show group of fields (h3) on edit-profile page.
    Take a look of the article in my site.

    1. Thanks for sharing this!

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