Cimy User Extra Fields – all versions and changelog

In this page you can download latest version or older versions. Keep in mind that older versions aren’t supported at all.


Download Cimy User Extra Fields 2.7.1 only for WordPress >= 4.3.1



v2.7.1 – 08/02/2016

  • Added support for reCAPTCHA v2
  • Fixed filter by radio Extra Fields under Users Extended
  • Fixed a warning when creating users via code and a file, picture or avatar is present in the form
  • Updated Securimage Captcha to use more secure style and support code audio reader in HTML5 too

v2.7.0 – 19/01/2016

  • Fixed welcome email for new users, broken since WordPress 4.3 (thanks to Paul Yuen, Chris Norton and more)
  • Fixed password change email is no longer sent if user chose its own password during registration
  • Fixed ‘Strict Standards’ warnings on Users Extended and plug-in’s options
  • Dropped support for WordPress 4.2 or below
  • Updated Danish (Michael Ugilt)
  • Updated French (Damien Cottet)
  • Updated Securimage Captcha to v3.6.2

v2.6.5 – 11/05/2015

  • Fixed PHP error on Extended Users on WordPress 4.2 (thanks to Ryan Marshall and Josie Stauffer)
  • Fixed PHP notice on cimy_uef_functions.php at line 673 when using avatar Extra Field (thanks to rossini7777)

v2.6.4 – 31/12/2014

  • Fixed a DoS security issue on file, avatar and picture Extra Fields where a blog’s user can delete random server’s files
    All versions between v0.9.5 and v2.6.3 (included) are vulnerable (credit to Sébastien Payet)
  • Fixed a DoS security issue on file, avatar and picture Extra Fields where user can ‘hide’ multiple files on the server
    All versions between v0.9.5 and v2.6.3 (included) are vulnerable (credit to Sébastien Payet)
  • Added Hungarian (Balázs Németh)

v2.6.3 – 03/10/2014

  • Fixed the upload of files when ‘Form confirmation’ is enabled (thanks to Max)
  • Fixed date range was not going beyond -/+10 years (thanks to LH)
  • Fixed PHP notice when updating an user in its profile and a file/picture/avatar is not uploaded (thanks to Adrian)
  • Fixed PHP error on multiple files upload when ‘Form confirmation’ is enabled
  • Fixed PHP warning when using dropdown-multi and ‘Form confirmation’ is enabled
  • Fixed avatar thumbnail was not automatically created when ‘Form confirmation’ is enabled
  • Fixed Securimage captcha returned ‘Typed code is not correct’ error for correct codes when ‘Form confirmation’ is enabled
  • Fixed ‘true’ error appears in some cases when ‘Form confirmation’ and captcha are enabled together
  • Fixed use of deprecated function ‘image_resize’
  • Added Dutch (Wietse Stienstra)
  • Updated Swedish (Hugo Krantz)
  • Updated Securimage Captcha to v3.5.4

v2.6.2 – 18/04/2014

  • Fixed date picker on registration page was conflicting with Google Chrome’s one (thanks to Francesca)
  • Updated Securimage Captcha to v3.5.2

v2.6.1 – 30/09/2013

  • Added dropdowns for the year and the month selectors to the date picker
  • Added Min and Max date support for the new ‘date’ extra field (no backend support yet)
  • Updated Securimage Captcha to v3.5.1
  • Fixed date picker popup was appearing in the registration for all the extra fields below the date itself (thanks to Claudio)
  • Fixed PHP error when user creation fails with email confirmation enabled (thanks to Francesco)
  • Added Persian translation (Negin Nickparsa)
  • Added Czech translation (Tomas Hegr)

v2.6.0 – 03/09/2013

  • Added date picker support, extra field’s type is called: ‘date’
  • Fixed PHP warning ‘Only variables should be passed by reference on line 959’ (regressed on v2.5.2) (thanks to badarong for the patch)
  • Fixed clicking on options’ labels were not triggering the option change

v2.5.5 – 29/07/2013

  • Fixed mb_strlen is not available by default on PHP, better to use it only if available (regressed on v2.5.2) (thanks to jrmihalick)
  • Fixed wpdb::escape warnings when using WordPress 3.6

v2.5.4 – 11/07/2013

  • Fixed extra fields were not shown on certain themes, like: ‘Modular’ theme and ‘Emporium’ theme for WooCommerce (thanks to eArtboard, detoner and Rinaldo Pavanello)
  • Fixed default directory’s permissions on Unix servers was set to 0777, now is handled by WordPress if FS_CHMOD_DIR is not set (thanks to KZeni)
  • Fixed ‘no username registration’ were causing some unrelated html paragraph to be hidden (thanks to flymike for the patch)

v2.5.3 – 24/06/2013

  • Fixed updating extra fields from a different blog doesn’t work (MS per-blog only) (thanks to GilesFarrow)
  • Fixed Securimage captcha sometimes does not validate correctly codes (thanks to websitesareus)
  • Fixed two PHP warnings produced in the plug-in’s admin panel (thanks to Ov3rfly)
  • Fixed tabindex is no longer needed for WordPress 3.5 and Theme My Login users with Securimage captcha too

v2.5.2 – 03/06/2013

  • Added support for Theme My Login v6.3.x
  • Fixed Users Extended page is blank when the WordPress installation hosts a lot (10.000+) of users (thanks to mightypixel, eArtboard and more)
  • Fixed cimy_uef_register.css file inclusion does not happen (MS only) (introduced in v2.5.0)
  • Fixed strlen doesn’t count correctly special accented characters, changed to mb_strlen (thanks to Batischev Oleg for the patch)
  • Fixed user activation email’s subject doesn’t get translated (non-MS only) (thanks to Torstein Knutsen for the patch)
  • Updated Italian translation

v2.5.1 – 06/05/2013

  • Updated Securimage Captcha to v3.5.0
  • Fixed captcha check was performed on /wp-admin/user-new.php page even without a captcha showed (MS only) (thanks to KZeni)
  • Fixed strength password hint description is showed inline with the password strength when reCAPTCHA is also showed (thanks to coopersita)

v2.5.0 – 18/03/2013

  • Added support for hiding the username under standard WP registration, email will substitute it (non-MS only) (thanks to Matt Hoffman)
  • Added support for WordPress hidden fields rules under profile update

v2.4.2 – 18/02/2013

  • Fixed missing ‘cimy_update_ExtraFields’ PHP warning (introduced in v2.4.1) (thanks to Ashton Clark and vtxyzzy)
  • Fixed WordPress MS per-blog installation was not working for non main sites since WordPress MS 3.5 (thanks to Denis Lam)
  • Fixed WordPress MS per-blog installation was not deleting cimy tables when blog is deleted

v2.4.1 – 11/02/2013

  • Added support for welcome email, extra fields title and fieldset titles under the WordPress Multilingual plug-in (thanks to Piet for testing it)
  • Added Arabic translation (Mamoun Elkheir)
  • Fixed tabindex is no longer needed for WordPress 3.5 and Theme My Login users
  • Fixed PHP files inclusion, do not include the admin’s files if not in the admin area
  • Fixed cursor doesn’t appear at the end of the text edit under ‘Users Extended’

v2.4.0 – 27/12/2012

  • Added support for the WordPress Multilingual plug-in.
  • Fixed plain text password was staying in the DataBase for registered users (WordPress MS and WordPress + confirmation email only)
  • Fixed (better) background logo was stretched under Safari (thanks to DarioDN)
  • Fixed PHP warnings wpdb::supports_collation usage on WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed PHP warnings wpdb::prepare usage on WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed PHP warnings on ‘Users Extended’ page on WordPress 3.5

v2.3.11 – 29/10/2012

  • Fixed reCAPTCHA was not working on secure webservers (thanks to invisnet for the patch)
  • Fixed extra lines outputted by php files (thanks to Ov3rfly)
  • Fixed one PHP warning on options save (thanks to thomask)
  • Fixed background logo was stretched under Safari (thanks to DarioDN)
  • Updated Securimage Captcha to v3.0.1

v2.3.10 – 24/09/2012

  • Fixed email is not sent to the user once confirmed its email address (non-MS only) (introduced in v2.3.9) (thanks to nerik73 and all people that reported this)
  • Fixed ‘A password will be e-mailed to you.’ will be hidden when password field is not hidden (non-MS only) (thanks to lcool for the idea)
  • Fixed labels for dropdown and dropdown-multi were not correctly showed in the welcome email

v2.3.9 – 06/08/2012

  • Fixed another possible security issue where webservers with poor configuration might end up executing arbitrary PHP code when a malicious [file|avatar|picture] is uploaded (thanks to Artyom Skrobov from Secunia)
  • Fixed dropdown-multi were not saved correctly under ‘Users Extended’ (thanks to David Vranish)
  • Fixed dropdown-multi were not saved correctly under WordPress MS registration (thanks to David Vranish)

v2.3.8 – 30/07/2012

  • Fixed security issue where any site with [file|avatar|picture] extra fields is vulnerable by a possible remote code execution vulnerability present in all versions of the plug-in probably since v0.9.5
    see: (‘thanks’ to the kid ‘Crim3R’ that in the need of popularity thought that exposing thousands of users was a better idea rather than responsibly email me first)
  • Fixed image extensions are now restricted to what WordPress allows
  • Fixed plug-in PHP error for people that have ‘plugins’ directory with a different name/location (thanks to anmari)

v2.3.7 – 05/03/2012

  • Fixed image/file/avatar upload on profile edit when Theme My Login – Themed profile is in use (introduced with v2.3.0) (thanks to Giovanni Gonzalez)
  • Fixed fields were showed anyways in the form confirmation even if they were not showed in the registration
  • Fixed textarea-rich didn’t work sometimes in the registration form
  • Fixed registration was not possible if both password field and password meter are present and form confirmation is turned on (introduced with v2.3.3) (thanks to Jörg Thanheiser)

v2.3.6 – 03/02/2012

  • Fixed rules are not applied if form confirmation is turned on (introduced with v2.3.1) (thanks to Pietro Gabba)

v2.3.5 – 30/01/2012

  • Added (required) for extra fields with unchecked ‘Can be empty’ rule (thanks to Paul ‘Sparrow Hawk’ Biron for the patch)
  • Changed fields’ description is now consistent with WordPress look (thanks to Paul ‘Sparrow Hawk’ Biron for the patch)
  • Allow ‘target’ attribute for links added in the extra fields’ description
  • Fixed use of a deprecated function on plug-in activation, fixes relative warning (thanks to David Anderson)
  • Added Ukrainian translation (Oleg Bondarenko)

v2.3.4 – 02/01/2012

  • Fixed profiles cannot be updated anymore when there are some rules set (introduced with v2.3.3) (thanks to Csaba)
  • Fixed PHP warnings
  • Code cleanup

v2.3.3 – 29/12/2011

  • Fixed image/file/avatar upload when Theme My Login is in use (introduced with v2.3.0) (thanks to Brandon Krakowsky)
  • Fixed password meter and textarea-rich were not working after submitting a registration with some errors when form confirmation is turned on (introduced with v2.3.0)
  • Fixed a lot of PHP warnings
  • Code cleanup
  • Added Belarusian translation (Alexander Ovsov)

v2.3.2 – 14/12/2011

  • Fixed image upload was no more possible in some cases under WordPress MS (introduced with v2.3.0) (thanks to Alexander Temper)
  • Fixed a rare case of site crash under WordPress MS registration (thanks to Dan)

v2.3.1 – 06/12/2011

  • Fixed profiles cannot be updated anymore when captcha is selected (introduced with v2.3.0) (thanks to Miguel Morera and Takanudo)
  • Fixed captcha error messages are not displayed under WordPress MS

v2.3.0 – 28/11/2011

  • Fixed security issue where reCAPTCHA and Securimage Captcha could be by-passed (thanks to corij)
  • Fixed tinyMCE was not working anymore since WP 3.3
  • Fixed all JavaScripts inclusion to be as requested by WordPress APIs
  • Fixed file, picture and avatar extra fields were not styled on registration page
  • Code cleanup

v2.2.0 – 04/09/2011

  • Added textarea and textarea-rich class in the profile area (thanks to Evaluator)
  • Added case sensitive check for regex equalTo rules (thanks to Juliette for the patch)
  • Fixed WordPress MS unique installation was broken since WP 3.1 (thanks to RaSo0l)
  • Fixed CSS file inclusion, should fix RTL admin layout mess (thanks to Moti Nisim)
  • Fixed extra slash present into image uris (thanks to zyrq)
  • Fixed dropdown selection when illegal characters are present (introduced with v2.0.5) (thanks to Jared)
  • Fixed some URLs still were not caring about https when used
  • Fixed captcha shouldn’t show on form confirmation only
  • Fixed textarea-rich pictures had relative instead of absolute urls (thanks to David Alexander)
  • Fixed dropdown-multi were not saved when form confirmation is turned on
  • Fixed images shouldn’t be shows if not present on the disk (form confirmation only)
  • Fixed plug-in description
  • Code cleanup

v2.1.1 – 11/07/2011

  • Fixed compatibility with Theme My Login plug-in (introduced with v2.1.0) (thanks to Michele and Mark)
  • Fixed compatibility with WP-reCAPTCHA plug-in (thanks to des for the patch)

v2.1.0 – 28/06/2011

  • Added confirmation registration (non MS only) (thanks to Marcello Foglia for sponsoring it)
  • Added custom welcome email (non MS only) (thanks to Marcello Foglia for sponsoring it)
  • Added crop functionalities for picture and avatar fields (thanks to Marcello Foglia for sponsoring it)
  • Added advanced options (thanks to Marcello Foglia for sponsoring it)
  • Code cleanup

v2.0.5 – 11/05/2011

  • Added ‘view_cimy_extra_fields’ capability and rule to Show field if user has this cap (thanks to Matt)
  • A&U Extended is now renamed to Users Extended
  • Updated Users Extended page to use newer functions and to show # of search results
  • Updated equalTo field can now accommodate up to 500 characters string
  • Fixed several html bugs in Users Extended page
  • Fixed several (but minor) security issues

v2.0.4 – 12/04/2011

  • Fixed password strength meter was not translated (thanks to Jonas for the patch)
  • Fixed tinyMCE was not working anymore since WP 3.1 (thanks to Jeremiah Tolbert)
  • Fixed tinyMCE had huge buttons if a different registration logo was set
  • Fixed “Can be modified only by admin or if empty” rule regressed in v2.0.3
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (Diana)

v2.0.3 – 15/03/2011

  • Fixed A&U Extended page permissions to “list_users” instead of “edit_users” (thanks to Matt)
  • Fixed pre value for checkbox, radio, dropdown and dropdown-multi fields (thanks to Matt)
  • Fixed fields can be modified in some ways even if set to not to (thanks to Matt)
  • Fixed rules were applied anyway when adding new user from user-new.php (introduced with a change in WP 3.1) (thanks to Matt)
  • Fixed Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_load_image() on MS installations (thanks to jcraig)

v2.0.2 – 05/02/2011

  • Fixed for some WordPress MS unique installations DB table definitions were wrongly set (thanks to Yuri)
  • Fixed registration date now works for all registered users, regardless when the field has been added
  • Fixed dropdown-multi can’t deselect all values
  • Fixed registration emails are now sent with Blog’s name as sender
  • Fixed Extra Fields were shown to “anonymous” users even when setting minimum level to “subscriber” (thanks to Bruno PS)
  • Fixed Extra Fields were not included in the welcome email when email confirmation was enabled (non MS only) (thanks to Michael T. Lee)
  • Code cleanup
  • Updated French translation (Bruno PS)

v2.0.1 – 19/11/2010

  • Added possibility to change individual values “on the fly” into the Extra Fields from A&U Extended page (thanks to Cuántica Webs for sponsoring it)
  • Added Extra Fields group filtering in the A&U Extended page
  • Fixed various security issues (thanks to Mark Jaquith)
  • Fixed all URLs were not caring about https when used (thanks to Álvaro Degives-Más)
  • Fixed Extra Fields were not included in the admin email even if specified (MS only) (thanks to Kris LaGreca)

v2.0.0 – 13/10/2010

  • Added possibility to mass-write new data into the Extra Fields from A&U Extended page (thanks to Cuántica Webs for sponsoring it)
  • Fixed a debug information leftover introduced in 2.0.0-beta2 when saving a profile (thanks to Erik)
  • Fixed some obsolete/wrong strings (thanks Mary & Patrick)
  • Fixed some strings from the email confirmation were not translated correctly (non MS only)

v2.0.0 beta2 – 22/09/2010

  • Added Securimage Captcha support (thanks to Patrick McCain for sponsoring it)
  • Added redirection support (non MS only) (thanks to Patrick McCain for sponsoring it)
  • Fixed adding/updating a field is now more user-friendly
  • Fixed uploading of any file should be forbidden during the registration if the confirmation email is turned on
  • Fixed an user can’t register again after admin deletion within 2 days if the email confirmation is turned on (non MS only)
  • Fixed show permissions were not saved properly (causing checkboxes can’t be unchecked anymore since v2.0.0-beta1) (thanks to Bak)

v2.0.0 beta1 – 02/09/2010

  • Added WordPress 3.0.x support
    • Fixed MultiSite recognization
  • Added reCAPTCHA support (thanks to Patrick McCain for sponsoring it)
  • Added password strength meter support (thanks to Patrick McCain for sponsoring it)
  • Added password confirmation support (thanks to Patrick McCain for sponsoring it)
  • Added email confirmation support (non MS only) (thanks to Patrick McCain for sponsoring it)
  • Added extra fields to welcome new user email support (thanks to JeffPBlues Design for sponsoring it)
  • Added custom login/registration logo support (non MS only) (thanks to Patrick McCain for sponsoring it)
  • Fixed some errors were not translated under registration form
  • Fixed rules shouldn’t be applied if the user can’t edit the field due to permissions (thanks to Paolo Sivori for pointing it)
  • Fixed localization was not working for MultiSite unique registration
  • Fixed extra fields search in the A&U Extended Page using Internet Explorer (thanks to Tom Matteson)
  • Fixed personalized password was not sent in the new user email (non MS only)
  • Fixed default password warning should not appear in case custom password has been entered (non MS only)
  • Fixed directory/file permissions (thanks to Jim)
  • Updated Italian translation
  • Code cleanup
  • Readme file updated

v1.5.3 – 09/04/2010

  • Added set_cimyFieldValue function (thanks to Knark Planta for sponsoring)
  • Fixed some PHP warnings
  • Readme file updated

v1.5.2 – 03/03/2010

  • Fixed profile page was not updating when setting ‘Could not be empty’ rule for picture, avatar or file fields (thanks to Erum Munir)
  • Fixed WordPress MU per-blog installation and wp-content in a custom location was giving PHP error after installing cimy_uef_mu_activation.php
  • Fixed WordPress MU per-blog installation can’t edit posts anymore after installing cimy_uef_mu_activation.php (thanks to Ekaterina Kurasheva)

v1.5.1 – 10/02/2010

  • Fixed PHP error when using dirty user_id in the profile’s URL
  • Worked around a bug introduced by WordPress 2.9.x when admin is editing another’s user profile sometimes get wrong data into Extra Fields (thanks to Serge Meier)
  • Added Polish translation (PiK)

v1.5.0 – 30/01/2010

  • Added registration fields pre-filed within URL support (thanks to Charlie Markwick for sponsoring)
  • Fixed WordPress MU unique registration mode was completely broken (introduced with v1.5.0 beta2) (thanks to Nicolene Heunis)
  • Fixed WordPress MU per-blog registration was not working if main site had the plug-in disabled
  • Fixed WordPress MU per-blog A&U Extended was not working
  • Readme file updated

v1.5.0 beta2 – 22/11/2009

  • Added roles support to Extra Fields (thanx to Jakob Wallsten for sponsoring)
  • Added public search support (thanx to Jakob Wallsten and Nacho Arribas for sponsoring)
  • Added public profile support (thanx to Jakob Wallsten and Nacho Arribas for sponsoring)
  • Added WordPress MU per-blog support (thanx to Uwe Moosheimer for sponsoring)
  • Fixed picture fields visualization in profile (introduced with v1.5.0 beta1)
  • Fixed text fields visualization in profile
  • Fixed admin page was completely screwed for some translations like Swedish (thanks to Erik Billerby for pointing it)
  • Fixed some fields were ignored when adding new user from user-new.php in some circumstances (thanks to Erik Billerby for pointing it)
  • Fixed rules were applied anyway when adding new user from user-new.php (introduced with v1.5.0 beta1)
  • Fixed WordPress fields’ rules were applied anyway when updating profile (introduced with v1.5.0 beta1)
  • Fixed rules were applied in some circumstances when updating profile even if the field was hidden (introduced with v1.5.0 beta1)
  • Fixed get_cimyFieldValue function was too slow when retrieving data using user_id and field_id (thanks to Erik Billerby for pointing it)
  • Fixed A&U Extended search was not properly working when dropdown or dropdown-multi fields were present
  • Fixed get_cimyFieldValue was returning an uncleaned label for dropdown-multi fields
  • Fixed Biographical Info sometimes were disappearing for no apparent reason (thanks to Edward)
  • Updated Swedish translation (Erik)
  • Updated Italian translation

v1.5.0 beta1 – 16/08/2009

  • Added WordPress 2.8.x support
  • Added dropdown-multi support (thanks to Natural Building Network)
  • Added file upload support (thanks to Karl Sandoval)
  • Added rules check also during profile update (WP >= 2.8.x only)
  • Added possibility to see up to 5000 users per page on A&U Extended page
  • Added Spanish translation (David Gil)
  • Changed max length for: label, description and value up to 50000 chars
  • Fixed avatar and picture upload were not working for some languages like French (thanks to Miss K)
  • Fixed Extra Fields were displayed after other plugins in the registration page (thanks to Nicolene Heunis)
  • Fixed to not display ‘picture’ if the file does not exists in A&U Extended page
  • Fixed an untranslatable word in A&U Extended page
  • Readme file updated
  • Updated Italian translation

v1.4.0 – 18/03/2009

  • Added user_id in the array returned by get_cimyFieldValue function
  • Added regular expression to equalTo rule for text, textarea, textarea-rich, password, dropdown (thanks to Shane Hartman for the patch)
  • Fixed (again) textarea-rich under user registration page, hopefully now it works for everyone (thanx to Romain Bordessoul)
  • Fixed some error messages weren’t displayed under WordPress MU registration page (thanx to Nicolene Heunis for the patch)
  • Readme file updated

v1.4.0 release candidate 1 – 24/02/2009

  • Added picture/avatar directory check under options
  • Added second parameter to cimy_uef_sanitize_content to let override allowed tags
  • Fixed translation under WordPress MU (workaround)
  • Fixed wrong password shown on WordPress MU activation page when using password personalization (thanx to Leo Kimble and Andrew Billits)
  • Fixed dropdown not working if new lines were added to the list
  • Renamed plug-in directory due to WordPress Plugin Directory rules
  • Readme file updated

v1.4.0 beta3 – 08/02/2009

  • Added possibility to set a custom fieldset per each extra fields
  • Added fieldset to registration page
  • Fixed data not saved into extra fields for some MYSQL configurations (thanx to Daniel Quinn)
  • Fixed PHP error on comments when using avatar extra field (thanx to Serge Hardmeier)
  • Fixed picture/avatar path were written even if upload failed
  • Fixed password always overwritten in the WordPress MU welcome email
  • Moved and renamed A&U Extended page under WordPress MU
  • Disabled picture and avatar fields under WordPress MU registration page
  • Removed deprecated “items per fieldset” option
  • Readme file updated
  • Updated Italian translation
  • Updated German translation (Franz Josef)
  • Code cleanup

v1.4.0 beta2 – 21/01/2009

  • WordPress MU fixes:
    • Fixed Extra Fields not saved under registration
    • Fixed WordPress hidden fields not saved under registration
    • Fixed PHP error when at least one WordPress hidden field is present under registration
    • Fixed endless registration if there is at least one error due to rules in Extra Fields
    • Fixed notification email is filtered in case password is chosen by the user

v1.4.0 beta1 – 19/01/2009

  • Added WordPress MU 2.5.x & 2.6.x support
  • Added a button to fix missing/pending update of tables/options
  • Fixed PHP error when deleting an user on certain installations (thanx to jarred)
  • Fixed PHP error when options are not present
  • Fixed Extra Fields filter (introduced with v1.3.0 beta1)
  • Readme file updated

v1.3.2 – 11/01/2009

  • Added possibility to change/remove Extra Fields section title under user profile
  • Fixed bug where options were not correctly migrated for certain versions (introduced with v1.3.0 beta2)
  • Fixed bug where A&U Extended page where showing 0 users due to previous bug (thanx to Alessandra)
  • Fixed avatar support for installations with different table prefix (thanx to Sergey for pointing it)
  • Fixed Table Creation option to not perform anything else when selected
  • Fixed unitialized variable under options code
  • Fixed last use of “level_10” role check (missed in the previous fix)
  • Updated Italian translation
  • Readme file updated and renamed to README_OFFICIAL.txt due to WordPress Plugin Directory rules

v1.3.1 – 02/01/2009

  • Added WordPress Biographical Info field support
  • Fixed WordPress hidden fields’ labels not translated
  • Fixed WordPress password field’ description not translated
  • Fixed subdir for uploading pictures/avatars since there is no need to have it changing
  • General cosmetic fixes
  • Readme file updated

v1.3.0 “Happy New Year” – 01/01/2009

  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant bug fixes:
    • Fixed JS inclusion for picture and avatar uploads under profile page (introduced with v1.1.0 beta2)
    • Fixed missing ‘cols’ and ‘rows’ attributes for textarea-rich (introduced with v1.2.0 beta1)
    • Fixed CSS inclusion under registration page with textarea-rich (introduced with v1.2.0 beta1)
    • Fixed some elements’ IDs defined twice under A&U Extended page (introduced with v1.3.0 beta1)
    • Fixed maxlength attribute wrongly added to avatars (introduced with v1.3.0 beta2)
    • Fixed & character in paging links under A&U Extended page (introduced with v1.3.0 beta2)
    • Fixed Apply button in wrong place under A&U Extended page (introduced with v1.3.0 beta2)
  • Fixed PHP error when deleting users that have picture/avatar uploaded (introduced with v0.9.5!)
  • Fixed (a bit better) textarea-rich under user registration page (introduced with v1.3.0 beta1)
  • Fixed PHP error with avatars and WordPress 2.5 and 2.6 (introduced with v1.3.0 beta2)
  • Fixed PHP error when uploading an avatar before a picture (introduced with v1.3.0 beta2)
  • Fixed picture upload wrongly reaches avatar/ subdir (introduced with v1.3.0 beta2)
  • Fixed paging option not created for new installations
  • Fixed picture extensions check not always performed
  • Fixed max length rule didn’t recognize avatars as files to be uploaded
  • Fixed max length rule wrongly shown to 20000 in certain cases
  • Changed JS/CSS inclusions: now WP standard APIs are used
  • Relaxed a bit security fix introduced in v1.2.0 now some html tags are allowed, script execution is anyway forbidden
  • Moved uploadPic() JS function to a stand-alone file
  • Again DB migration code cleanup, yes less is better 🙂
  • Dropped use of “level_10” role check since is deprecated
  • Dropped useless get_cimyFieldValue’s option to turn it off, there are no security threats with it
  • Readme file updated

v1.3.0 beta2 – 22/12/2008

  • Added avatar support
  • Added WordPress registration password support
  • Added paging for A&U Extended page (now up to 500 users per page)
  • Fixed picture upload under user profile with WordPress 2.7 (thanx to Shark)
  • Fixed PHP error when uploading an image during registration and equal_to rule is set
  • Fixed some untranslatable strings for picture and picture-url fields
  • General cosmetic fixes
  • Finished to cleanup DB migration code
  • Updated Italian translation
  • Readme file updated

v1.3.0 beta1 – 16/12/2008

  • Changed plug-in link, to celebrate 2 years birthday we have a new home!
  • Added WordPress 2.7.x support
    • Fixed PHP error under A&U Extended page
    • Fixed textarea-rich under user registration page
    • Fixed textarea-rich buttons labels
    • Fixed all input fields to match new registration page style
    • General cosmetic fixes
  • Added Bulgarian translation (Boyan)
  • Added avatars to A&U Extended page
  • Fixed “Invert selection” button feature when ‘wp-content’ is not in the default location
  • Removed some old DB migration code (migration supported now only starting from v0.9.1)

v1.2.0 – 27/09/2008

  • Fixed a security bug that affects A&U Extended page: text, textarea, password and picture-url fields were not properly sanitized causing arbitrary JavaScript code execution (if enabled) inserted by any registered user when administrator access that page The bug is confirmed from v1.0.x to v1.2.0-beta1 older versions may be affected as well (thanx to Joseph Engo for pointing it) * UPDATE IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED *
  • Fixed checkbox fields visualization in the registration
  • Fixed picture fields visualization in the registration

v1.2.0 beta1 – 11/09/2008

  • Added WordPress 2.6.x support
  • Added textarea-rich support with tinyMCE! (thanx to Shekhar K. for sponsoring)
  • Added extra fields search in A&U Extended page
  • Fixed a bad bug where in some circumstances current user extra fields data can be overwritten
  • Fixed radio fields visualization in profile
  • Code cleanup

v1.1.1 – 15/05/2008

  • Added Swedish translation (Peter)
  • Fixed problems with special characters (may need resave the content)
  • Fixed two untranslated strings in the options (thanx to Peter)

v1.1.0 – 07/05/2008

  • Fixed thumbnails were broken with WordPress 2.5.x (thanx to Rita)
  • Fixed thumbnails were broken when an image have an upper-case extension (due to a WordPress issue)
  • Updated German translation (Rita)

v1.1.0 release candidate 1 – 28/04/2008

  • Fixed a regression with WordPress 2.5.x user’s without admin privileges cannot edit extra fields at all
  • Fixed pages in A&U Extended page pointed to non Extended page
  • Fixed some hidden text in “Add field” area for certain configurations (thanx to Rik)

v1.1.0 beta2 – 05/04/2008

  • Changed theme for: user’s Profile, A&U Extended page, Options and Fields management
  • Code cleanup
  • Updated Italian translation
  • Readme file updated

v1.1.0 beta1 – 31/03/2008

  • Added initial support to WordPress 2.5
  • Added custom css for registration fields

v1.0.2 – 24/03/2008

  • Added Russian translation (mikolka)
  • Added Danish translation (Rune)
  • Fixed a bad bug that in some cases checkbox fields were saved wrongly as checked (thanx to Dana Rockel for the patch)
  • Fixed picture file attributes for broken server (thanx to Chris Adams for the partial patch)
  • Fixed picture url when WordPress URL and Blog URL are different (thanx to Neil Stead for the patch)
  • Fixed picture upload with Internet Explorer, due to a bug in it probably 🙁 (thanx to Nicola aka ala_747 for the partial patch)
  • Fixed picture upload with some localized WordPress (like French) (thanx to buzz)
  • Removed an obsolete part in the Readme file (thanx to Mark)

v1.0.1 – 22/11/2007

  • Added better directory creation handling for images uploader
  • Added French translation (Sev)
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (Sher)
  • Moved invert selection javascript to a stand-alone file so admin page is XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant again
  • Fixed a rare image upload failure during registration, can happen if at least one WordPress hidden field is present
  • Fixed warning pop-up for image extension, shown wrongly in certain cases

v1.0.0 – 16/10/2007

  • Added hidden WordPress fields support (First name, Last name, Nickname, Website, AIM, Yahoo IM and Jabber / Google Talk)
  • Added initial WordPress MU compatibility! (Thanx to Martin Cleaver and Beau Lebens for explaining me how MU works)
    • I need more hours of work to finish MU support, if someone want to sponsor it then will be faster, email me 🙂
  • Added force tables creation option
  • Added Can be modified by admin or if empty rule
  • Added Can be empty (or not) rule also to dropdown
  • Added Cimy Plug-in Series support
  • Added capabilities to upload pictures without modifying WordPress files anymore (Thanx to j5)
  • Added invert selection button useful when there are a lot of fields
  • Added a warning pop-up before deleting fields
  • Added a warning pop-up if a file that haven’t a valid image extension is chosen
  • Added German translation (Rita)
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation (Sher)
  • Updated Italian translation
  • Changed the way how data are escaped, this has the effect that now html is allowed in label and description for example
  • Fixed data inserted in the extra field by users were never deleted if the extra field was deleted
  • Fixed maxlength attribute wrongly added to input file element during registration
  • Fixed various problems with special characters present in some languages
  • Removed break after label in the registration form (not for checkbox fields)
  • Dropped magic_quotes_gpc_off function
  • Lot of code cleanup (all the plug-in is now divided into different files)

v0.9.9 – 04/09/2007

  • Added possibility to translate the plug-in
  • Added Italian translation
  • Fixed user’s number of posts in A&U Extended page

v0.9.8 – 03/09/2007

  • Added registration-date support
  • Added rule to let modify extra fields content only by administrator
  • Added database options: [empty, delete] extra fields and users data tables; [set to default, delete] options
  • Added field’s LABEL and TYPE to the array returned by get_cimyFieldValue (apart the case when providing both user_id and field_name)

v0.9.7 – 23/07/2007

  • Added to get_cimyFieldValue partial results in search over user’s extra fields values, see CASE 4b
  • Fixed a bug introduced in v0.9.4 in get_cimyFieldValue that affected all MYSQL 4.x users
  • Changed array order returned by get_cimyFieldValue function, see updated examples for details
  • Home page url updated
  • Readme file updated

v0.9.6 – 15/07/2007

  • Added support for user picture-url, user can simply put an url of an existing image, no need to hack WordPress like picture support that anyway is a cool different feature
  • Added ability in get_cimyFieldValue to retrieve all extra fields values from all users
  • Pictures are now all resized according to equalTO rule also in A&U Extended page
  • Fixed missing check for spaces presence on extra fields names
  • Fixed cimy_rfr() redeclaration error
  • Fixed wrong message error for picture field refers to size in MegaByte instead of KiloByte
  • Fixed equalTo rule wrongly applied to picture fields during registration
  • Fixed wp_create_thumbnail() missing function during registration for picture fields with equalTo rule specified
  • Fixed default checked item with radio fields was broken in some cases
  • Readme file updated
  • Code cleanup

v0.9.5 – 09/07/2007

  • Added support for user picture!
  • Added id attribute to paragraph elements in the registration and user’s profile
  • Changed get_cimyFieldValue return a warning string when it’s used but not enabled
  • Fixed a bad bug when deselecting “Show in the registration” or “Show in user’s profile” produced unexpected value inserted in that field
  • Fixed warning message when updated the plug-in disappears just saving options and not de-activating and re-activating the plug-in
  • Fixed some error messages not displayed when adding wrong numbers in [min,exact,max] length with textarea fields
  • Fixed new row in “A&U Extended” wrong added when you have 9 or more fields
  • Code cleanup

v0.9.4 – 25/06/2007

  • Added a checkbox to manage equalTO rule and make it case sensitive or not
  • Rewritten get_cimyFieldValue function:
    • now can accept also only one parameter: FIELD_NAME or USER_ID
    • added a third optional parameter called FIELD_VALUE
    • never return values from password fields for security reasons
    • updated README file to reflect changes to this function
    • note that this new version is backward compatible with previous calls
  • Fixed equalTO rule that worked only if text was written in upper case
  • Fixed equalTO error message for drop-down fields included also all choices and not only real label
  • Fixed all HTML code, now it’s XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant
  • Code cleanup

v0.9.3 – 10/06/2007

  • Added min length and exact length rules
  • Code cleanup

v0.9.2 – 06/06/2007

  • Fixed radio and checkbox fields were too large under Internet Explorer 6.0 or lower, I know I have said that I will never fix this, but I lied!
  • Removed warning and relative option for MSIE 6.0 (or lower) users introduced in 0.9.1
  • Removed in user’s profile border and grey background in radio and checkbox fields that were visible in some browsers like: Opera and Internet Explorer
  • Fixed fields order, was totally broken for newer MYSQL versions (at least in mine 5.0.38, now should be ok for every one)
  • Added a check that shows a warning in the options page when an user has updated the plug-in but forgot to de-activate and re-activate it

v0.9.1 – 05/06/2007

  • Added Options page:
    • enable/disable get_cimyFieldValue() function to avoid unwanted use of this function by third parties
    • show/not a warning in the user’s profile for who uses Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or lower
    • add titles to fieldset
    • choose how many extra fields to show per one fieldset
    • hide/show some columns in “A&U Extended” page
  • User’s profile is now reorganized: checkbox and radio fields are back into fieldset; due to a WordPress CSS I made a workaround to avoid bigger inputs, however this workaround doesn’t work under Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or lower, this will never be fixed so don’t ask about it!
  • Do not include php_compat_mqgpc_unescape() function if already included by some other plug-in
  • Code cleanup

v0.9.0 final – 15/05/2007

  • Added some checks to make plug-in more secure and avoid admin functions to be used by non-admin (more security patches with next releases)
  • Fixed own profile saved twice
  • Re-added subdir in the package, removed by a mistake in 0.9.0-rc2
  • Some Readme changes

v0.9.0 release candidate 2 – 15/04/2007

  • Added extra fields data deletions when a user is deleted
  • Added a lot of checks for string length inserted by user
  • Added max length rule also to textarea field
  • Changed max length up to 5000 characters for: value, label and description
  • Changed “value” and “label” fields to textarea in the admin menu

v0.9.0 release candidate 1 – 01/04/2007

  • Added drop-down support thanx to Raymond Elferink that hacked my plug-in, I have made only some small enhancements to his code
  • Added a rule to set/unset field visibility in User’s profile page
  • Added a rule to set/unset field visibility in “A&U Extended” page
  • Changed the way rules are saved, with php serialize seems a better way for code maintainability
  • Label can now have length up to 1024 characters
  • Updated get_cimyFields example in README file
  • Fixed a bug that prevents changing options to a field with special characters in the name
  • Some cosmetic changes to A&U Extended page
  • Emulate magic_quotes_gpc=off if they are turned on
  • Database changes: added indexes in both tables, if you have a lot of data probably this will increase speed
  • Database changes: changed field ‘LABEL’ to TEXT in wp_cimy_fields table
  • Code cleanup

v0.9.0 beta8 – 23/03/2007

  • Finally fixed the very boring bug that for some people plug-in never creates tables when activated! Thanx to ysjack for helping me reproduce the problem
  • Dropped using $table_prefix variable since WordPress 2.1 deprecated it
  • Updated get_cimyFieldValue example in README file, now it is a complete example
  • Added a subdir in the package

v0.9.0 beta7 – 17/03/2007

  • Added password support, now you can set a password to register to your site!
  • Added stripslashes also to get_cimyFieldValue function so no more backslashes are returned with certain characters
  • Fixed get_cimyFieldValue function never returns NULL when some parameter was wrong, now it does!

v0.9.0 beta6 – 16/03/2007

  • Fixed value field wasn’t applied in user’s profile when a text or textarea was empty
  • Fixed a bug (introduced in beta5) that fill some data in the new field form when you just update an existing field
  • Fixed editable rule that was broken probably in beta3 or 4 during some code cleanup 🙁
  • Changed plug-in link, now it points to the specific blog page

v0.9.0 beta5 – 15/03/2007

  • Added textarea support (up to 1024 characters)
  • Added class attribute in the registration form so now all extra fields have the same look like built-in ones
  • Added tabindex attribute in the registration form so now when you press tab you have a normal sequence
  • Now in the option page when you fill the form for a new field all data are kept in memory every time you press “Add” button
  • Fixed equalTO rule for text fields that any value entered was to be all in upper case format to make error message go away
  • Code cleanup

v0.9.0 beta4 – 13/03/2007 later

  • Forgot to change also tables creation with new modification made in beta3, if you had problem please update to this version and activate the plug-in again, all will back to normal
  • Performance improvement: now extra fields are read from database only when they are needed
  • Added get_cimyFields() function to retrieve all extra fields information useful for templates/themes
  • Fixed equalTO rule in radio fields, was completely broken
  • Code cleanup

v0.9.0 beta3 – 13/03/2007

  • Added radio input support
  • Added value field, you can now pre-enter characters in your text fields or pre-select checkbox and radio fields
  • Added a check that disable all rules unrelated to a certain field type
  • Added some login-bkg-tile.gif with bigger height to workaround fields out of frame during registration
  • Fixed checkbox fields in edit profile were very large, to fix this all radio and checkbox fields are now out of fieldset
  • Some cosmetic changes to option and profile pages
  • All html transformable characters are now transformed in UTF-8 html format
  • Added a stripslashes before showing data so these characters are now allowed: ‘, “, <, >, (, ), [, ], #
  • Database changes: new field ‘VALUE’, changed fields ‘RULES’ and ‘DESCRIPTION’ to TEXT in wp_cimy_fields table
  • Database changes: changed field ‘VALUE’ to TEXT in wp_cimy_data table
  • Code cleanup

v0.9.0 beta2 – 27/02/2007

  • Fixed a bug that returns MYSQL error when deleting extra fields in certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug that returns MYSQL errors in Users->Your Profile and when adding a new user from administration, these errors were shown only when there were no extra fields defined
  • Added a control to prevent from creating/deleting tables to users without enough privileges

v0.9.0 beta1 – 12/02/2007

  • Plug-in now supports only WordPress 2.1!
  • Removed wp-register.php, with WP 2.1 is not needed anymore, form registration extra fields are now built-in
  • Added get_cimyFieldValue function that can be used in your themes
  • Fixed a bug that prevents to save unchecked checkbox in user’s profile
  • Fixed a bug that returns MYSQL error during user’s profile update and all fields were set to “Cannot be edited”
  • Moved all these infos to a readme file

v0.8.7 – 28/12/2006

  • Fixed a bug with PHP<5.0 that in the “equalTo” field saves some strange characters


  • First public release