• In this page you can download latest version or older versions. Keep in mind that older versions aren’t supported at all, instead for the latest I accept bug-report if any.


    Download Cimy Swift SMTP v2.6.0 PHP 5.x – WP 3.x only



    v2.6.0 – 31/12/2014

    • Updated Swift Mailer to 5.3.1 (dropped support for PHP <=5.2.x)

    v2.5.2 – 03/10/2014

    • Updated Swift Mailer to 5.2.2

    v2.5.1 – 26/06/2014

    • Fixed PHP errors with CC and BCC (thanks to Paul Martin)
    • Updated Swift Mailer to 5.2.1 (Security Update)

    v2.5.0 – 12/05/2014

    • Added ‘Sender’ and ‘Reply-To’ header support, fixes incompatibility with Visual Form Builder (thanks to supawiz6991)
    • Add ‘autocomplete=off’ to the form, however newer Chrome and Firefox browsers are ignoring it
    • Updated Swift Mailer to 5.2.0

    v2.4.3 – 18/04/2014

    • Updated Swift Mailer to 5.1.0

    v2.4.2 – 15/01/2014

    • Updated Swift Mailer to 5.0.3
    • Fixed radio buttons had the same input id
    • Added Spanish translation (Maria Ramos – WebHostingHub)

    v2.4.1 – 29/07/2013

    • Fixed empty name next to the recipients’ email address (regressed in v2.2.1) (thanks to Michele Capurso)

    v2.4.0 – 24/06/2013

    • Updated Swift Mailer to 5.0.1
    • Fixed a PHP crash when sending an email with non existing attachments
    • Fixed mail sending failure if ‘Overwrite the sender only for the WordPress default’ option is set, but no ‘Sender e-mail’ has been set
    • Added Slovak translation (Branco Radenovich – WebHostingGeeks.com)

    v2.3.0 – 21/01/2013

    • Fixed a PHP crash when sending an email with empty string as attachments, as does WooCommerce plug-in (thanks to Samuel Aguilera)
    • Updated Swift Mailer to 4.3.0

    v2.2.1 – 23/07/2012

    • Fixed email addresses with format ‘Marco Cimmino ’ were not handled correctly (thanks to Rolf Hillen for the patch)

    v2.2.0 – 16/07/2012

    • Updated Swift Mailer to 4.2.1

    v2.1.3 – 25/03/2012

    • Updated Swift Mailer to 4.1.6
    • Fixed ‘overwrite the sender only for the WordPress default’ was not working in certain cases like comments moderation (thanks to Rolf Hillen for the patch)

    v2.1.2 – 30/01/2012

    • Updated Swift Mailer to 4.1.5
    • Fixed PHP warnings on plug-in’s options after a fresh install (thanks to Bruce Wampler)

    v2.1.1 – 19/12/2011

    • Updated Swift Mailer to 4.1.4
    • Added possibility to overwrite the sender only when empty
    • Fixed the new suggested 587 port was not correctly selected in the dropdown (but still correctly used)

    v2.1.0 – 10/11/2011

    • Updated Swift Mailer to 4.1.3 (adds support for STARTTLS) (thanks to Julien for the beta testing)
    • Fixed a bug where TLS protocol was not correctly set
    • Added more security when saving options
    • Added warning check when SSL/TLS protocol are selected but not available
    • Added suggested port 587 for TLS/STARTTLS/GMAIL
    • Added Belorussian translation (FatCow)
    • Added Persian translation (Mostafa Pourasadollah)
    • Added Czech translation (Jan)
    • Updated Italian translation

    v2.0.0 – 14/07/2011

    • Updated Swift Mailer to 4.1.1
    • Added an attachment in the test mail

    v2.0.0-beta1 – 15/02/2011

    • Updated Swift Mailer to 4.0.6
    • Completely re-written mail engine to match changes
    • Fixed plug-in should never echo errors, disabled by default
    • Renamed plug-in directory due to WordPress Plugin Directory rules

    v1.2.3 – 11/01/2009

    • Fixed 404 error when saving options under certain broken webservers
    • Renamed README file to README_OFFICIAL.txt due to WordPress Plugin Directory rules

    v1.2.2 – 02/01/2009

    • Added possibility to translate the plug-in
    • Added Italian translation
    • Fixed all HTML code, now it’s XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant
    • Dropped use of “level_10″ role check since is deprecated

    v1.2.1 – 22/12/2008

    • Changed plug-in link, we have a new home!
    • Fixed subject corruption with certain languages (Chinese and Arabian included)
    • General cosmetic fixes

    v1.2.0 – 02/06/2008

    • Completely re-written Bcc handling engine, previous one was completely broken (thanx to Eric)
    • Fixed e-mail test failure if e-mail address isn’t specified, now it takes blog’s admin e-mail as second option
    • Updated Swift Mailer to 3.3.3 (VERSION file reports 3.3.2 but packages were 3.3.3)

    v1.1.2 – 11/10/2007

    • Added option to choose if overwrite or not the sender with the one provided (thanx Chris for pointing it and testing)
    • Code cleanup

    v1.1.1 – 09/10/2007

    • Added attribute escaping
    • Changed input names to avoid browser auto-completion for username and password taken from another page of the same site
    • Added a copy of the GPL license to the package
    • Added FAQ
    • Updated PHP requirements

    v1.1.0 – 26/09/2007

    • Added Cimy Plug-in Series support
    • Updated Swift Mailer to 3.3.1

    v1.0-cimy0.3.0 – 02/08/2007

    • Fixed SSL and TLS connections with port 465 under PHP5 were completely broken

    v1.0-cimy0.2.0 – 10/07/2007

    • Fixed bad bug with PHP4, plug-in cannot even be activated (yes this require two new files)
    • Added default values for server address and port: “localhost” and “25” respectively
    • Better error handling

    v1.0-cimy0.1.0 – 25/06/2007

    • Updated Swift Mailer to 3.2.6
    • Added both Swift for PHP4 and PHP5 with automatic check
    • Added Sender Name and Email input to personalize the sender for all mails sent
    • Reorganized a bit the interface to make it more user friendly
    • Changed SMTP username and password to optional due to a lot of servers in Italy that doesn’t require authentication
    • Fixed port 25 wrong set server address to ‘localhost’

    v1.0 – 11/06/2007

    • Original plug-in from Marcus Vanstone