Cimy Navigator – all versions and changelog

In this page you can download latest version or older versions. Keep in mind that older versions aren’t supported at all, instead for the latest I accept bug-report if any.


Download Cimy Navigator v0.4.2



v0.4.2 – 03/01/2009

  • Changed plug-in link, we have a new home!
  • Renamed README file to README_OFFICIAL.txt due to WordPress Plugin Directory rules

v0.4.1 – 25/07/2007

  • Fixed silent mode to be real silent also with comments

v0.4.0 final – 24/07/2007

  • Home page url updated

v0.4.0 release candidate 1 – 19/07/2007

  • Cimy Navigator is rewritten for about 60% because some heavy design-bugs were found, this is also why 0.3.0 final was never released
  • Changed a lot of parameters, see README file for new documentation; unfortunetaly plug-in cannot remains compatible with older versions, so if you are upgrading you have to check new parameters names
  • Documentation is now very detailed, so I hope will be easier to use this plug-in

v0.3.0 release candidate 1 – 14/04/2007

  • Name change to “Cimy Navigator” since version 0.3.0 beta3 not only pages can be displayed but also categories
  • Fixed ‘li_id_current’ and ‘li_id_nocurrent’ produces attributes id ‘current’ and ‘nocurrent’ with duplicates that is forbidden by html rfc, thanx to Amitabh that reminds me
  • Changed ‘li_id_current’, ‘li_id_nocurrent’, ‘div_id_parent’ and ‘div_id_children’ if set to empty string they aren’t ovverriden by default
  • Added known bugs section to readme file

v0.3.0 beta3 – 18/03/2007

  • Fixed a php error when ‘depth’ parameter was set too low, now it prints a warning
  • Changed plug-in link, now it points to the specific blog page

v0.3.0 beta2 – 06/03/2007

  • Fixed categories links

v0.3.0 beta1 (never released to public)

  • Added possibility to choose from pages or categories to be displayed, use ‘type’ parameter
  • Added 4 new parameters: ‘type’ mentioned before and also ‘hide_empty’, ‘include’, ‘exclude’ only for categories

v0.2.0 – 22/01/2007

  • First public release