• Q: How can I use this plug-in with Twenty Ten/Eleven theme?

    A: The best idea is to create a child theme indeed, someone already tried it: http://blog.duncanmoran.net/archives/1436

    Q: How can I set the order of the pictures?

    A: First rename the pictures like this: 01-pic, 02-pic, 03-pic and finally upload them.

    Q: Why when I refresh the page then the rotation does not start from first picture even if shuffle images is turned off?

    A: Because the plug-in calculates a time frame where every picture should be positioned based on the swap rate and the total amount of uploaded pictures and then this time frame is assigned to this picture in this moment.
    Since v5.0.5 you can change this behaviour from the plug-in’s options.

    Q: Images never load, “Loading images…” stays always there, what happened?

    A1: Did you install recently a plug-in? If yes try to isolate it, most probably it is its fault due to wrong inclusion of jQuery script. Its author should fix this referring to WordPress documentation: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_enqueue_script
    A2: If did not help then probably you have selected Slide effect and you did not read that your images should be bigger than the div so: reduce the div dimensions and/or reduce the speed of this effect.
    A3: If still did not help then probably you loaded too big images (the file size) and takes too long to load all of them.

    Q: When feature XYZ will be added?

    A: I don’t know, remember that this is a 100% free project so answer is “When I have time and/or when someone help me with a donation”.

    Q: Can I help with a donation?

    A: Sure, visit the donation page or contact me via e-mail.

    Q: Can I hack this plug-in and hope to see my code in the next release?

    A: For sure, this is just happened and can happen again if you write useful new features and good code. Try to see how I maintain the code and try to do the same (or even better of course), I have rules on how I write it, don’t want “spaghetti code”, I’m Italian and I want spaghetti only on my plate.
    There is no guarantee that your patch will hit an official upcoming release of the plug-in, but feel free to do a fork of this project and distribute it, this is GPL!

    Q1: I have found a bug what can I do?
    Q2: Something does not work as expected, why?

    A: The first thing is to download the latest version of the plug-in and see if you still have the same issue.
    If yes please write me an email or write a comment but give as more details as you can, like:

    • Plug-in version
    • WordPress version
    • MYSQL version
    • PHP version
    • exact error that is returned (if any)

    after describe what you did, what you expected and what instead the plug-in did :)
    Then the MOST important thing is: DO NOT DISAPPEAR!
    A lot of times I cannot reproduce the problem and I need more details, so if you don’t check my answer then 80% of the times bug (if any) will NOT BE FIXED!

  • 718 Comments to Cimy Header Image Rotator – FAQ and comments

    • This header rotator is working good, but I still wonder if I did I do something wrong to make the black margin above and below the header in the above site or is it supposed to be like that? I just followed the directions and I’m an artist and not a programmer.

    • I only want the CIMY Header Image Rotator to show up on the sites home page, not every page. How can this be accomplished? Thanks.

    • hi i have used the plugin in header for an site..its really awesome!!!..but i need the ahref link to be set for caption ..in wp-admin we can only set ahref lin for image alone..can anyone help me to how to give ahref link for caption .

    • I’m using images that are 1366 wide. All works fine but can I assign a width of 100% so it will scale in an iPad or 1024px screen. I found some threads on this but nothing complete. Scales an looks fine on iPhone or Android

      Thanks so much in advance

      • There is an option I added in the last version, please check this:
        “Adapt the container’s size to the window’s size (Requires browser page refresh)”

    • Suggestion: recode the image urls when using a multi-site as many users would need to add files to the wp-content directory if all used this plugin. Something like
      if (is_multisite()) {

      define(‘IMAGE_PATH’, WP_CONTENT_DIR.”/blogs.dir/”.$blog_id.”/files/”.IMAGE_FOLDER);
      define(‘IMAGE_URI’, content_url(“/blogs.dir/”.$blog_id.”/files/”.IMAGE_FOLDER));

      } else {

      define(‘IMAGE_PATH’, WP_CONTENT_DIR.”/”.IMAGE_FOLDER.$blog_path);
      define(‘IMAGE_URI’, content_url(IMAGE_FOLDER.$blog_path));

      • Today is like this:

        define('IMAGE_PATH', WP_CONTENT_DIR."/".IMAGE_FOLDER.$blog_path);
        define('IMAGE_URI', content_url(IMAGE_FOLDER.$blog_path));

        And $blog_path contains $blog_id if is_multisite() is true. So I do not understand your point.

    • Thank you for the reply. I looked at the page link above and it looks like I need to add this somewhere?

      Do I just add this line of code at the beginning of header.php?

      • Not at the beginning, where you want to show/not show the rotating images. That’s the whole point, isn’t?
        Then plugin’s code should be inside the scope of your if or the else.

        • Okay. In my header.php file at the bottom I see the current code that I am wandering if I place the above in its place.

          ?php endif;
          } // End only show if Single Header Image is selected

          if ( is_home() && $paged < 1 ) {
          get_template_part( 'slideshow' );

    • This was in reference to my previous question:

      I only want the CIMY Header Image Rotator to show up on the sites home page, not every page. How can this be accomplished? Thanks.

    • New wordpress site, using twentytwelve theme. Applied Header Image Rotator. Works fine. However the sub-menu drop down list appears behind the images. Looked at z-index, should be OK (10000 in main-navigation class).
      Any ideas?

    • Hi, please answer me.

      In my header.php there isn’t img src to replace it to my Cimy code.

      is there any shortcode or anything i can do? please help me.

    • In the meantime I moved the menu to below the rolling images. That solves the problem for now, but I would prefer to have the menu at the top! However, where else will this issue pop up (or pop behind)?

    • Hi, great app. Installed easily enough, and works really well on desktop in all browsers, but when viewed on iPhone it seems to have made the content area for the template all skinny. Hard to explain, could you please view on mobile, or suggest how to modify so as to avoid problem or deactivate when viewed on mobile devices. Thanks!

      • Did you try to check:
        “Adapt the container’s size to the window’s size (Requires browser page refresh)”
        And to copy again the code from the plugin to the theme?

        • Hi there,

          I am running into this same issue. When I check the box “Adapt the container’s..” it does not stay checked after I save it. Any ideas I why that would be? I installed the latest addition and I have deactivate and reactivated with the same results.

          Thank you!

    • I have this plugin and migrated to new host and image path is
      Images path:


      I need it to be /home/ with no 1 ir not home1 but home/ as it is the wrong directory????

      Tried delting plugin

        • Hello Marco,
          I also want to use this plugin voor my site, using wordpress theme twentythirteen.
          I understand that I have to place the copied code in the header.css.
          But where excactly? I’ve tried on different lines, but didn’t found the correct place.
          Can you tell me where to place it. And do I have to remove also somes lines in the header.css

          Thanks for the help

    • Hi, have used cimy header in website and looks fab, but on ipad & phone a large white space is appearing above it. Have tried tweaking css under #branding but nothing seems to be budging it. Using twenty eleven and all images are the same size, any ideas on how to fix?

    • Hi Marco,
      thanks for the great plug-in!
      I’m using 12 different configurations for 12 different pages. I noticed, that the Cimy Header Image Rotator generates its java script code for each configuration on EVERY page. So I end up having the “<!– Start…" code on every page 12 times! Is it the way the plug-in works? If yes, is there an easy way to change it? For example to paste the java script code manually like the css code?
      I mean: I like to keep things simple and clean, so I would prefer to have just one configuration code per page.
      Any hints would be appreciated.

        • Not moaning just posting a comment. Running in a test environment using Wamp server under windows. where in your code could I specifically stop thumbs.db from being listed? You seem to be checking mime types not specifically image file types in your validation.

    • Marco – you are such a DICK!! I have watched you be a complete asshole over your “great” plug-in for almost a year. Fuck you and I hope no one ever uses your stuff again. I have found a much better plug-in and you can kiss my ass. I am sure you will not post this because you are a complete and total DICK. EVERYBODY, ignore this asshole and his plug-ins!!! I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire and no water was around!!!!!!

      • Shame on you, insulting a person that gives for FREE his time is something more than just embarrassing. Anyway you think I do not post this? I do, it is just showing how ignorant you are. Good luck with your “new” plugin, but hey, show its author your gratitude towards free plug-ins, I am sure will be happy to not have you as an user, ever.

      • You are insulting behind a nickname and I am the coward?
        Poor ignorant, if you read all comments you would know that I post everything. But you don’t know, you just insult, do you? Poor you.

    • Blue, Marco, you both need to stop.

      Blue, I used the child sheet on the above site. The child sheet includes some other code about taking out the search box but it works.

      Marco, I invite you to consider thinking about how it feels four us to not have as much expertise as you do, how it feels to have to ask for help like we do. I think that takes courage. It might actually make you feel better to soften a little and be a little kinder with others who need you. It might be good for your soul. Just a thought. Peace, out.

    • Marco, I love your Plugin. You helped me the first time I used it, and I appreciated your time and effort. I do admit I always make sure all my ducks are in a row before I ask, because I don’t want you to get mad at me. Thanks for the great plugin and now that I know you, I can handle a little attitude from you now and again. :o)

    • I’m using the rotators in twentythirteen. How do I make the header have the same elastic affect as in the regular twentythirteen?
      http: mywonderfulnewsite.com
      (her portrait isn’t staying in the middle and the menu items are all funky looking. Thanks.

      • Honestly I don’t understand what is wrong and which is the “broken” website.
        Can you give more details what is “broken” for you? Please describe it in details, don’t assume I understand what is in your mind, usually I don’t.

    • Hi again… Also, I tried using the check box “Adapt the container’s size to the window’s size (Requires browser page refresh)” and the header still isn’t elastic. Am I doing something wrong? Should go back to the 2012 theme?

    • On http://drgailpmyers.com/ her image is supposed to be in the middle of the header. After I put in cimy page rotators, it doesn’t stay in the middle of the header when I change the width of the page. In http://mywonderfulnewsite.com/, the section of the header that says, “Your pictures go here,” stays in the middle of the header when I change the width of the page because something about the code makes the header flexible enough to move when I change the width of the page.

    • Hello Marco,
      First of all, a big thank you for this wonderful plugin.

      I am facing the issue of a white border around my images. Is it a container? Please do let me know on how to remove or disable it or make it transparent?

      Thank you in advance.

    • Marco, the images have “Captions” they show up in a dark transparent grey in the center of the images. Can I adjust these captions, the size, location, color, etc?

      I thank you for your time and effort.

      -Giuseppe Albergo

      • You can modify some of these settings I think from the code you copied, section caption:
        div.cimy_div_id_caption {
        position: absolute;
        margin-top: 175px;
        margin-left: -75px;
        width: 150px;
        text-align: center;
        left: 50%;
        padding: 5px 10px;
        background: black;
        color: white;
        font-family: sans-serif;
        border-radius: 10px;
        display: none;
        z-index: 2;

    • Marco, after update wp to 3.7.1. I have the following problem (All other plugins are disabled): “Loading images ….” are shown for short time and the area of the image are still white.

    • Hi Marco,
      Great plug-in, thank you for making it available.
      Is there a way to add the ALT attribute to the images rotating?


    • Hi!
      The plugin works great, but there is one issue:
      When I use the search field on the site, then on the search result page the header image disappears/don’t load. Someone with the same problem?
      Thank You!

    • Hi,
      I have just updated latest: wordpress, latest CIMY,
      works fine, as known from previous usage, together with TwentyTen.

      Webstite starts with a default image which is available right from the beginning. CIMY is loading a lot of images which takes time (this is o.k.) and usually is using fade effect “3” and everything else static.

      Question: the first CIMY image, which is replacing the default image, swaps over the default image without fade effect, while any else replacement is using the fade effect as defined in CIMY.

      Is it possible to start the CIMY with a fade-in-effect right from the very first image?

      Thank you.



    • Great plugin but i like to show the title and description. The have have gone (under or above the slide. Is it a matter of Z-index. Tried but without result

    • I’ve used your CIMY header rotator many times, but this is the first time I’ve added a border. I notice there is a gap between the frame and the images on the right side and bottom. Is there something I’m missing?

    • I’m trying to creat a site similar to this: http://www.markpower.co.uk/ and for the image rotator on the home page I’m using your plugin.

      The idea is to have a full size image adjustable to the resolution of your screen like the site of Mark Power.

      Is it possible with this plugin? Thanks


        • Yes, I did.
          Just to be sure, here is the code:

          #rotator {
          float: left;
          margin: 1em auto;
          margin-top: -40px;
          border: 0px solid #000000;
          width: 800px;
          height: 800px;
          max-width: 100%;
          max-height: 100%;
          div.rotator_caption {
          position: absolute;
          margin-top: 175px;
          margin-left: -75px;
          width: 150px;
          text-align: center;
          left: 50%;
          padding: 5px 10px;
          background: black;
          color: white;
          font-family: sans-serif;
          border-radius: 10px;
          display: none;
          z-index: 2;

    • Question…

      Trying to add the code but I do not have a header.php file, any suggestions where I can find it. I am using the Stargazer theme.


    • Hello!

      Love this plugin. But when I try to input a link in the “Images Link” field, all my images disappear altogether on my site. Is this a known issue? Any ideas for a fix? I use the rotator as our site’s main logo, so really need it to be a “home” link.

      Thank you!

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