Cimy Header Image Rotator – all versions and changelog

In this page you can download latest version or older versions. Keep in mind that older versions aren’t supported at all, instead for the latest I accept bug-report if any.


Download Cimy Header Image Rotator v6.1.1



v6.1.1 – 29/07/2013

  • Fixed Menu’s dropdowns were hidden in some themes like Twenty Twelve (z-index is now set to ‘auto’, this may break IE7, if so I do not care, really)
  • Fixed rotating headers may not work on certain themes, like: ‘Modular’ theme and ‘Emporium’ theme for WooCommerce
  • Fixed default directory’s permissions on Unix servers was set to 0777, now is handled by WordPress if FS_CHMOD_DIR is not set
  • Added Slovak translation (Branco Radenovich –

v6.1.0 – 28/01/2013

  • Added an option to let the image’s size adapt on smaller form factors
  • Fixed image deletion does not work for configurations different than the main one (regressed in v6.0.2) (thanks to carnini)
  • Fixed non minified version of the JavaScript was not included when SCRIPT_DEBUG is set to true

v6.0.2 – 29/10/2012

  • Added Double Fade option (works better with transparent backgrounds)

v6.0.1 – 17/09/2012

  • Fixed captions/links per image were not working (regressed in v6.0.0) (thanks to m_disseny)

v6.0.0 – 10/09/2012

  • Added possibility to use theme’s default or uploaded pictures instead of the plug-in’s uploaded pictures

v5.0.5 – 27/08/2012

  • Added option to start the image sequence always from the first picture
  • Fixed malicious/wrong image extensions are now renamed

v5.0.4 – 30/07/2012

  • Fixed image extensions are now restricted to what WordPress allows
  • Added Romanian translation (Web Geeks)

v5.0.3 – 30/01/2012

  • Force proper options if user makes a wrong combo
  • Added Swedish translation (Jon Wallsten)

v5.0.2 – 05/08/2011

  • Fixed file deletion bug introduced in v5.0.0 (thanks to Annette Krznarich)
  • Fixed file deletion vulnerability
  • Updated Italian translation

v5.0.1 – 01/08/2011

  • Fixed div id change in v5.0.0 for upgrading users

v5.0.0 – 01/08/2011

  • Added multiple configurations support running at the same times
  • Added possibility to choose to open links on new tab/window or not
  • Fixed picture’s uris to have proper https when in use (thanks to Jordan Applewhite)
  • Code cleanup
  • Updated Italian translation

v4.0.3 – 20/05/2011

  • Fixed captions not displayed correctly when Fade effect is set to 0

v4.0.2 – 12/03/2011

  • Fixed JavaScript inclusions to prevent conflicts with others plugins (thanks to Mike Sweitzer-Beckman and Dan)

v4.0.1 – 08/03/2011

  • Added caption possibility for all images
  • Do not allow upload of files with illegal characters in their name (thanks to Stuart Johnstone)

v4.0.0 – 23/02/2011

  • Added slide effect
  • Added Ken Burns effect
  • Added link possibility for all images (thanks to Mark Buckshon for sponsoring it)
  • Use minified JavaScript to save bandwidth
  • Updated jquery.cross-slide.js to v0.6.2
  • Updated Italian translation

v3.0.3 – 31/01/2011

  • Fixed regression in v3.0.2 where plug-in was crashing the website (thanks to Yoni)
  • Fixed PHP error on IE when no images are uploaded (thanks to Barbara)
  • Fixed possible Html injection in the file names
  • Fixed possible JS injection in the file names

v3.0.2 – 30/01/2011

  • Added a different role to manage the plug-in (thanks to Matthew Cegielka for the patch)
  • Added float attribute in the suggested code to make it more compatible with silly browsers (thanks to Helge)
  • Fixed possible Html injection in the div id text field
  • Fixed possible JS injection in the div id
  • Fixed extra slash in the images path (thanks to Lloyd for the patch)

v3.0.1 – 28/09/2010

  • Fixed JavaScript error when plugin is active, but is not meant to display anything (thanks to Jefferis Peterson)
  • Fixed images loading order is now based on the settings as well (regression since 1.1.x)

v3.0.0 – 14/08/2010

  • Added WordPress 3.0 MultiSite support
  • Fixed directory creation and permission (thanks to Daniel Imhoff)
  • Fixed sometimes images were not loaded
  • Fixed images z-index to 1 (thanks to Michael G for the patch)

v2.0.2 – 22/05/2010

  • Fixed plug-in initialization for silly IE when shuffle option is turned off (thanks to Favio Manríquez León for the patch)

v2.0.1 – 17/05/2010

  • Fixed plug-in initialization for silly Internet Explorer

v2.0.0 – 09/05/2010

  • Completely rewritten the JavaScript engine, now using jquery.cross-slide.js v0.3.8 by Tobia Conforto (GPL v2 license)
    • Added possibility to fade between images (thanks to Brooke DeRam for sponsoring it and pointing the jquery script)
    • Fixed images rotation does not relocate things anymore

v1.1.1 – 11/03/2010

  • Added example code to handle browsers that have JavaScript disabled.
  • Fixed HTML code produced is now W3C compliant.

v1.1.0 – 04/03/2010

  • Fixed Internet Explorer was flickering (thanks to Tony Devlin for the patch)
  • Fixed not all pictures were shown in some cases (thanks to Paul C and to Wendi Carlock)
  • Fixed switching off real-time rotation was not working (thanks to Robert)
  • Renamed plug-in directory due to WordPress Plugin Directory rules

v1.0.0 – 09/02/2009

  • Added image upload functionality
  • Added possibility to translate the plug-in
  • Added Italian translation
  • Removed tons of get_files calls, they were only wasting cpu!
  • Rewritten get_files function
  • Code cleanup

v1.0.0 beta2 – 06/02/2009

  • Added JavaScript to make rotation real-time for all browsers that has it enabled
  • Added code example in the admin page to simplify the use of the plug-in
  • Code cleanup

v1.0.0 beta1 (branched from v2.1 basic by Matthew Hough) – 28/01/2009

  • Added image rotation every: second, minute, day
  • Fixed options are written in one row only (no need to waste more rows)
  • Fixed plug-in not working when ‘wp-content’ is not in the default place
  • Removed 5 images limitation
  • Code cleanup