Cimy Counter – FAQ and comments

Q: Which is the maximum number of one counter?

A: For now maximum number that can be reached by a counter without issues is 2.147.483.647 do you need more?

Q: Why since v1.0.0 I cannot redirect anymore to external links?

A: Because it is considered a security issue, so now first you have to add to the white list these domains.

Q: Why counter increases by 2 every time instead of 1?

A: Because probably you added the same counter twice.

Q: When feature XYZ will be added?

A: I don’t know, remember that this is a 100% free project so answer is “When I have time and/or when someone help me with a donation”.

Q: Can I help with a donation?

A: Sure, visit the donation page or contact me via e-mail.

Q: Can I hack this plug-in and hope to see my code in the next release?

A: For sure, this is just happened and can happen again if you write useful new features and good code. Try to see how I maintain the code and try to do the same (or even better of course), I have rules on how I write it, don’t want “spaghetti code”, I’m Italian and I want spaghetti only on my plate.
There is no guarantee that your patch will hit an official upcoming release of the plug-in, but feel free to do a fork of this project and distribute it, this is GPL!

Q1: I have found a bug what can I do?
Q2: Something does not work as expected, why?

A: The first thing is to download the latest version of the plug-in and see if you still have the same issue.
If yes please write me an email or write a comment but give as more details as you can, like:

  • Plug-in version
  • WordPress version
  • MYSQL version
  • PHP version
  • exact error that is returned (if any)

after describe what you did, what you expected and what instead the plug-in did 🙂
Then the MOST important thing is: DO NOT DISAPPEAR!
A lot of times I cannot reproduce the problem and I need more details, so if you don’t check my answer then 80% of the times bug (if any) will NOT BE FIXED!

58 thoughts on “Cimy Counter – FAQ and comments”

  1. Marco,

    quando leggi il mio blog scrivi all’email registrata


    -Installato Plugin
    -Create tables
    -link riporta ad una pagina inesistente
    -dove ho copiato il link che crea il tuo plugin c’e’ solatanto “Link”

  2. i figured it out myself, and this can not be finished, there is no relation to the download & the posts.
    I made my top x download function, but i can not relate it to the actual file or the post the download is in.
    Bummer, i will have to change to a better download manager plugin, but keep up the great work.

  3. Hello:

    Unless I am looking in the wrong places, where is the instructions for configuring your plugin?

    There should be examples on what to put in the edit boxes within the configuration panel.

    Some of us are novices. 🙂

  4. the error is : “L’extension n’a pu être activée, car elle a déclenché une erreur fatale.”
    fatal error !
    what all it say !
    have a nice day

  5. Now, i’m work only on wordpress 3.0 it say :
    “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare cc_i18n_setup() (previously declared in /mnt/170/sdb/5/1/additifstabac/wp-content/plugins/cimy-counter/cimy_counter.php:87) in /mnt/170/sdb/5/1/additifstabac/wp-content/plugins/cimy-counter/cimy_counter.php on line 93”
    What is the problem ?

  6. Credo di aver capito il problema… nella pagina (privata) dove guardo le statistiche del download, avevo inserito anche il link per il page visit counter come test. Praticamente il risultato è che nel counter all’incremento del download viene sommato anche l’incremento del numero di accessi alla pagina.

  7. My Cimy counter quit working somewhere around 430. Don’t know what I did except backup my Hostmonster database. My other site counter didn’t quit though. What do you think happened?

  8. Marco,

    Thank you for the great plug-in. I am using it on my site very successfully. I appreciate it not being bloated like many of the other counters out there.

    Still working on the widget? I was going to try and make one myself, but I am not very good! So if you are going to build one, I will not even try. Anyway, I just wanted to list the top 5 on the sidebar.

    Thanks for the plug-in though, I have found it to be very useful.

  9. Cannot update from 0.9.6 to 1.0.0

    After the update it is always saying version mismatch. Doesnt matter if I de-activated the plugin before, doesnt matter if I edited the wp-load.php path into the cc_redirect.php. Error stays the same.

      1. Yes but the download links are not working then. They are pointion to the WP-Admin Login Screen. I had to downgrade to 0.9.6 to get it back working.

          1. Marco,

            I am having this same problem.


            See my link for “Video of the Presentation at SolidWorks World 2011: ” near the end.

            I am running 1.0.0, however I have an error saying “v0.9.6 (installed is v1.0.0)
            VERSIONS MISMATCH! This because you haven’t de-activated and re-activated the plug-in after the update! This could give problems…” Even after following the instructions. Any instructions on how to force an upgrade to the database on the back side?

            I am using WordPress 3.2.1.

            Thanks for any help. I will be reviewing your code this afternoon, but I am a poor coder.

          2. Yes external links do not work any-more due to a fixed security issue they filed against my plug-in:

  10. Ah-hah. I see. If I offered a local redirect would that open up the security hole again; or does it not apply to my situation?

    eg: if I created my own short URL on, and used that to link to external links.

    1. Only thing I can do is to create a ‘white list’ where user can add their own external links, the only ones that work.

      But to fix the problem I had first to eliminate the possibility at all.

      1. Ok that explains then the problem that the links arent working. Looking forward for the white list feature !! That would be great. Thanks for your great work Marco !

      2. Yes, thank you Marco. I appreciate the work on this plug-in, and thank you for being responsive on this page.

        Now that I understand I will do my best on my side to make it work. Thank you.

  11. Que ceux qui comprennent le français m’entendent :
    “Est-il possible de gérer les clicks en filtrant par IP ou par session ?”

    Is-it possible to filter IP or session with counter Cimy ?

    merci pour votre retour

  12. Hi,

    if in the link is present a %20 this is changed to a space and the link return a 404.

    a href=”

    brings to:

    returning obviously an error 404.
    The same link inserted normally in my page reaches the file correctly.
    It seems that the plugin changes %20 in spaces during the redirect.


    WP: 3.3.1
    Plugin: 1.1.1
    MySQL: ?
    PHP: ?

  13. Ciao Marco, grazie per il tuo plugin “Cimy User Extra Fields” purtroppo non riesco a farlo funsionare per quello che mi serve.

    se vai su:

    trovi il pannello di registrazione che ho modificato. Iil problema sta nel checkbox che ho creato per dare il consenso alla privacy.

    Dovrebbe funzionare in modo tale che se non checkato compaia un messaggio di errore con la di richiesta del consenso e si blocchi la registrazione.

    sul lato amministrativo rimane checkato e senza possibilità di modifica il campo “Può essere vuoto”. suppongo che il problema sia li, non ho capito se è un bug e c’è un altro sistema per sbloccare quell’opzione.

    Spero tu possa aiutarmi a risolvere il problema. Grazie.



  14. Hey,

    Using a custom image to use as a banner instead of WordPress’s one was great & fit the screen (at 327 pixels wide off the top of my head) until I enabled Capchata (however it’s spelt). Now even if I remove it the width of the picture simply won’t fit.

    Is there a way around this?


  15. Hi Marco,

    Sorry I forgot to put the .php at the end of the web address but yes same thing. If I delete the picture the WordPress logo fits the width but re-add the picture & my 328 pixel wide image is too wide on the right. If I reduce the size it reduces out of centre so I can’t even make it symmetrical.



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