Cimy Counter – all versions and changelog

In this page you can download latest version or older versions. Keep in mind that older versions aren’t supported at all, instead for the latest I accept bug-report if any.


Download Cimy Counter v1.1.1



v1.1.1 – 30/01/2012

  • Fixed use of a deprecated function on plug-in activation, fixes relative warning (thanks to David Anderson)
  • Fixed use of an obsolete method’s parameter for the localization (thanks to Tom Broad)

v1.1.0 – 17/11/2011

  • Added external white list URLs so is again possible to redirect outside current domain
  • Fixed version mismatch was not possible to get rid of (again)

v1.0.0 – 11/10/2011

  • Added support for WordPress 3.x
  • Fixed some security issues
  • Fixed css/js inclusions are now https aware and they are not conflicting with other plugins
  • Code cleanup

v0.9.6 – 06/05/2010

  • Fixed version mismatch was not possible to get rid of.

v0.9.5 – 05/05/2010

  • Fixed JavaScript code execution sending base64 encoded data in the filename (thanks to MustLive for discovering it)
  • Fixed full path disclosure accessing the script directly (thanks to MustLive for discovering it)
  • Fixed full path disclosure sending a new line in the filename (thanks to MustLive for discovering it)

v0.9.4 – 24/02/2009

  • Added versioning check
  • Added counters order saving
  • Fixed counters/links didn’t work anymore when upgrading automatically a version downloaded from the blog
  • Renamed plug-in directory due to WordPress Plugin Directory rules

v0.9.3 – 13/02/2009

  • Fixed counters could not be deleted
  • Fixed do not return/print garbage when trying to retrieve a non existent counter
  • Fixed spaces at start/end of the counter’s name were giving issues, now are removed
  • Fixed tags used in the same line weren’t correctly recognized
  • Renamed README file to README_OFFICIAL.txt due to WordPress Plugin Directory rules

v0.9.2 – 01/01/2009

  • Changed JS/CSS inclusions: now WP standard APIs are used
  • Dropped use of “level_10” role check since is deprecated
  • Updated README file

v0.9.1 – 26/12/2008

  • Added possibility to set counters’ date
  • General cosmetic fixes
  • Fixed table messed up when ordering columns
  • Fixed plug-in url
  • Updated Italian translation
  • Updated README file

v0.9.0 – 25/12/2008

  • Added possibility to add counters into posts/pages
  • Added display string support
  • Added since [date] support
  • Added cc_get_display_str function
  • Added cc_get_since function
  • Added column order
  • Added possibility to translate the plug-in
  • Added Italian translation
  • Added a proper README file with initial documentation
  • Moved invert selection javascript to a stand-alone file
  • Fixed all HTML code, now it’s XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant
  • Fixed problems with special characters

v0.4.0 – 16/12/2008

  • Added support for WordPress >=2.5

v0.3.0 – 16/10/2007

  • First release