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Android how to preserve pictures’ file date and time

The problem is you want to backup your pictures and restore it on a different phone without messing up the files’ date and time

How to do it

  • Install Total Commander App
  • Pack using zip all your pictures/files
  • Upload your zip file to any cloud service of your preference
  • Download your zip file wherever
  • Use Total Commander to unpack the compressed archive anywhere you want, dates and times will be preserved! Enjoy!

Cimy User Extra Fields reaches 100,000 downloads… and counting!

Today Saturday 3rd of November 2012 Cimy User Extra Fields reached 100,000 downloads in the WordPress plug-in’s directory.
This is a great achievement, thank you! In total Cimy plug-ins reached 200,000 downloads… and counting!
Don’ forget to donate if you are enjoying one of more of these plug-in’s every day on your website(s)!

librmagick-ruby for Ubuntu Lucid (32 bit) with DestroyConstitute missing symbol fixed

If you suffer of this bug and you are tired to wait that Ubuntu’s package manager realize what a monster has packaged for an LTS release then grab this file:


See LP bug #539106

If you want a newer version you can use the 2.13.0 packaged here:

Krusader 2.2.0-beta1 “DeKade” for Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 32 bit

You like it… but nobody packaged it? Here we go. I took source code from and debian rules from Debian Testing 2.1.0-beta1 package, changed one line under /debian/krusader.install and here we are!