Google App has stopped working after Lollipop upgrade on Motorola G 2nd gen

Moto G 2nd generation, Lollipop 5.0.2 upgrade, firmware version 22.21.28, you have a constant crash on “Google App” that prevents from doing anything with the phone, here is how to fix it:
– show the notification panel swiping from the top
– tap on the top/right on the Account icon
– tap on ‘Settings’ icon
– tap on ‘Apps’
– tap on ‘Google App’
– tap on ‘Manage Space’
– tap on ‘Clear all data’

Et voila’, crash is gone, your phone is back on business.,6720,9151

8 thoughts on “Google App has stopped working after Lollipop upgrade on Motorola G 2nd gen”

    1. I am getting the same problem but even after going to Manage Space setting it comes again and again. Pls help.. 🙁 it’s very annoying. You help me gid will help you. This is a nightmare. Now I don’t like my phone but I can’t buy new. Pls pls pls pls HELP !!!!!!

  1. Since when I have upgraded my moto g 2nd generation to lollipop. I am not able to sign in to my Google account through Google app. So, I can’t see any google now cards. It shows some network error though I am using high speed wireless connection. YouTube is also giving same problem. I have tried factory reset but still the problem is not solved. HELP ME!!!

  2. But I could not go to the settings.When I tap on settings,Mobile show : Unfortunately,Settings has stooped.

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