ikea.com how a website can be that bad

Two weeks to place an order, issues encountered:

  • cannot buy online a lot of stuff (seems a feature)
  • cannot buy online Algot shelf nor Algot brackets (seems a JavaScript/Website bug, emailed customer support with the details, after few days they answered to call instead, no mentioning about the bug/resolution)
  • deleting items from the cart is heavily buggy, stuff is not really deleted and appears back in your order (workaround: update the quantity to 0 instead of using the ‘delete’ link)
  • finally clicking on the survey gives 404/NOT FOUND page.

ikea.com this is an EPIC FAIL, you make money on selling stuff, the website needs to work. Hire some real Quality Engineers that can automate your website testing, otherwise you’ll loose business (and your name too).

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