Comcast/XFinity TV lies on the Olympics live access

Do you live in the US and wants to see the Olympics?
You are “lucky” they are for “free” with no charge with a TV cable subscription as was stated here in a video:

And here:

Here is another one:

So cool I am lucky, I have a TV cable subscription with Comcast and XFinity TV, let’s do it, but shortly after trying to access the live content this appears.

So I call Comcast that they tell me to call XFinity TV, I call XFinity TV and after 40 minutes of waiting in a call (forty!) they tell me that our package is not enough.
We have: Economy Cable Package
We need: Starter Cable Package for 106 USD + taxes and fees promotion for 6 months, after that 126 USD + taxes and fees

And all these money to see most of the Olympics not even LIVE, but recorded and played 3/4 hours later. Shame on XFinity TV for their tricky adverts and services!
Welcome to United States of America, where people have to pay more to have less!

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