KDE 4.8.3 and the weird window sizes

What will you think if you see a window like this?

A window with no explanations asking for a password. It looks to me a SCAM. If not a really bad user experience.
After I enlarged it, turns out that was asking for the WiFi password. False alarm, wasn’t a scam, but a very bad user experience indeed.

This is not the first time that KDE has this kind of issues, see here.
It is a big pity I do not live anymore in Tallinn where this year (2012) will host the annual KDE conference called Akademy: so instead of telling you in person I write it here: KDE fix your window sizes for God sake!

One thought on “KDE 4.8.3 and the weird window sizes”

  1. i would like to thank you for bringing this up and for reporting it on the KDE bugtracker, where this sort of thing gets noticed by people, which i’m sure you did before making this post 🙂

    And on a less passive-aggressive note: Yes, this is a big problem, and KDE needs people to point out where these issues occur, as the developers may simply not be aware of them. Easy to fix, but we need to know where the issues are – so please, bugs.kde.org 🙂

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