Kubuntu 12.04 LTS with KDE 4.8.2 S.C.

Kubuntu 12.04 LTS “Precise Pangolin” has been released together with Ubuntu 12.04 almost three weeks ago.
And to summarize: yet another buggy version of Kubuntu/KDE “Software Collection” or shall we say “Bugs Collection”?

The pain soon reaches the user right after upgrade/installation:
that piece of crap (sorry there are no other words) called “KMix” is back unstable like the old “good” days, it crashes more often than you can think “How the hell this could go into production”?
Few clicks to report the bug and I see it is already fixed in KDE 4.8.3, unluckily too late for Kubuntu 12.04 release date.

Then I tried to install kubuntu-restricted-extras and I was happy to see finally the package manager can ask interactive questions during installation (like EULAs), but installation of Adobe Flash was postponed for who knows reason. Then a little systray icon appeared with a light bulb saying “Hey maybe you wanted to install some additional software” or something like that, I click on it and it appears this dialog.

What the hell is this and how the f**k am I supposed to work on?

Well after moving/resizing the silly window I can find the “Run action” button and I click on it… guess what? Everything fails because the script searches for “gksudo” which of course is not present in Kubuntu because they have “kdesudo”.
Result: EPIC FAIL!

And yes that was under a fresh install of Kubuntu 12.04 on VirtualBox… not sure if related or not.
That was a similar bug than the one found ages ago, the point is always one: window sizes are totally untested.
There is no doubt that Canonical wants to focus on ONE flavour only see their announcement to drop support for Kubuntu after the 12.04 release and honestly after I saw almost every release of Kubuntu from the 6.06 till 12.04 I cannot say that really surprised me.
Kubuntu/KDE has been always buggier and less user friendly than Ubuntu, always and almost on everything the user wants to do nowadays.

I tried in the past to be constructive and propose UI changes to make it more user friendly, for sure has been improved A LOT since then, but again installing the latest greatest you still easily run in a big “WTF”!

Personally I have been at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland (1st day only) and I participated in one Kubuntu meeting. I was stunned seeing them in a very small room, they were 7 or 8 max, the small room wasn’t even full, discussion were lead by Jonathan Riddell and I could hardly hear, likely they were discussing between them and they couldn’t really care of my presence.
Maybe I arrived late, but I had the feeling that the guys are alone and they are kinda proud of it, while I see Kubuntu going always worse and never be ready for a mass usage.
Last but not least:
I found a bug in KDE 4.7.4 that can lead to HTML Rich Text injection in the killer app dialog: I provided both a test case to reproduce the issue and proposed a patch to fix the issue, do you think they bothered to fix it? Nah! Too boring!

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  1. pensa che sul pc che avevo prima del santech, credo forse un pentium 3 o 4 della toshiba che con xp oramai era piantato, 1 mese fa ho montato lubuntu e mi sono trovato stra bene, tutto è filato liscio e performa per quelle poche cose che ci faccio più che discretamente. in pratica un pc da buttare è diventato un muletto di emergenza!

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