Webhostingpad not able to process PayPal bills without messing around!

Website was not reachable for a small amount of time, thank you to an user of my plug-ins that let me know.
Webhostingpad messed up again, is the second time since I have this little space with them.

I payed in advance the renewal and then they sent an email payment didn’t go through.
I called them to make sure they “see” the payment and everything seemed fine at the end, ’till today, when website was not reachable probably because they didn’t pay on behalf of me my domain name, for whatever reason I don’t know. How sucks this? A lot!

I am considering for a new host next time it will expire, open to suggestions!

EDIT: Here is the incredible email they sent me, quoted and later my answer, enjoy and stay away from webhostingpad!

On 12/09/2011 06:16 PM, Kelly wrote:
I apologize for the inconvenience. The payment confirmation was for the hosting extension on the account. The domain is a separate entity.

The domain is a separate entity, TRUE, but the payment confirmation was for the hosting only, NOT TRUE!
Because you sent me the advert that if I had payed in advance (before 5th of December 2011) you would had given to me 1 free year of domain renewal, that means the payment for the account was CONNECTED by your advert with the domain name.

Let’s summarize:
1. you sent me the avert (attached since you have bad memory) on 10th of Nov 2011 about account renewal + 1 free year of domain if I had renewed by 5th of Dec 2011
2. on 17th of Nov 2011 I renew for 3 years, I got the email confirmation about that.
3. on 25th of Nov 2011 you send me an automatic email stating that renewal has been declined!?!
4. Same day I call you and I ask to be 100% sure that you “see” the payment and the website is not taken down, that implicitly INCLUDES the domain of course, because YOU INCLUDED in the advert NOT ME.
5. You Kelly the same day sent me the confirmation of the payment and that everything is fine now and website WON’T BE taken down.
6. on 9th of Dec 2011 I see that the website is NOT reachable.

Now… one user pays you in advance following YOUR advert about account AND domain name renewal, user calls you to confirm that you see the payment… and YOU have the face to tell me that your email was not talking about the domain name?
You know what? I don’t like bs, the only thing you must have said was: “Yes we have made TWO mistakes in a row because our payment system is totally unable to work correctly, and even if you called us to make sure everything was right, we fucked up again, we are very sorry.”

Now I don’t need any reply, I don’t want to hear any more bs.

have a nice day
Marco Cimmino

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