From Hardy Heron to Karmic Koala

Thursday I upgraded after 1 year and half my Linux let Hardy Heron 8.04 fly away in favor of the brand new Karmic Koala Kubuntu 9.10 RC1 and of course issues raised.

hardy-heron_ubuntu-8-04 karmic_koala

There are two type of issues:
1. usability issues
2. upgrade issues

I experienced both types!

1. Let’s start from the documentation and after getting rid of the initial windows I got this… but possible you can’t see it? The window is too small to read the whole text, WATTA F**K!


2. Then I continued and finally I got the update to start, I wanted to follow the update, but… scrollbar does not follow the bottom, WATTA F**K!


3. Ok I kept scrolling to see what is happening… after a while I got a cups update error that started eating also 1 out of 2 of my cpu… WATTA F**K!

4. All right I kept going on with one cpu out, update luckily continued despite the error.
Eventually it finished and I got the window that asked me to remove software, again I can’t read, the window is too small!!! WATTA F**K!


5. Let’s enlarge it! If you see it still says “Fetching installing the upgrade can take several hours” but upgrade is already finished, installer should only remove few packages, WATTA F**K!


6. Ok I removed those packages and proceed to the reboot.
After reboot nvidia drivers are no more installed and nv drivers are instead used, WATTA F**K!

7. So I tried to fix the issue installing via jockey latest nvidia drivers that supports my nVidia Quadro NVS 140M and after installation completed perfectly, X does not start anymore, it fails with the error:

Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module!


After many hours of research I found the issue and is easy to fix:

uninstall all linux-restricted-modules-common packages
delete the file /etc/modprobe.d/lrm-video

Seems this stupid file was left-over from Hardy installation even if I uninstalled all linux-restricted-modules-common packages and was provoking the nvidia load failure.
I filed a bug:

Sorry but after FOUR usability issues and THREE upgrade issues, I can’t say that the upgrade is user friendly!

I will speak in the next days about the new Kubuntu 9.10, still a lot of usability issues here and there! Stay tuned!

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