Maemo Summit 2009 @ Amsterdam – Friday

Arrived a bit late to the Maemo Summit with a very early flight we finally made in the N900 conference room, old style building but with modern lights is very suggestive!

First presentation goes through quickly from Nokia presenting the already quite famous Nokia N900. After that is moment for the Linux Software Foundation to speak about the key role Linux is having nowadays and how more is yet to come.

Me and Skype stand after lunch break…

After lunch break I attended some ui and development talks on Maemo 5/6

And finally Skype presented on the brand new Nokia N900

Here some comments on what I think is the average of the presentations… not bad, but not superb, here the most common mistakes (in my opinion):
1. too many lines in one slide (do you really think I will read that slide?)
2. fonts/pictures too small, it should look huge on your monitor, so it will look ok from far away
3. voice tone never changes, quite boring… how can we be excited about the topic if you are not excited yourself?
4. voice tone is too low… (What you said? Eh?)

they are pretty obvious, but 80% of the presentations I have seen had almost one (sometimes more than one) of the previous issues… I hope for Saturday’s presentations!

P.S. = Nokia N900 is cool, but I play with it since a bit of time already 🙂

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