The Unstandard-Remix includes Cimy User Extra Fields

I got this incoming link to my blog from this site:
Seems that guy did a package with many plug-ins and including also Cimy User Extra Fields.

My curiosity began when I read these words:
The design employs several plugins native to WordPress, among them, heavily edited versions of Customize Your Community and Cimy User Extra Fields.

I said: “Wow finally someone patched my plug-in again and improved it.”
I downloaded the pack and checked immediately version used of my plug-in, discovered that is an old v1.3.0-beta1, ok no problem, let’s see the “heavy edited lines” and discovered that is a 1:1 copy from my blog… strange!

So I downloaded the original version of Customize Your Community and diffed against the version in the package, results? Only 4 lines diff and all regarding html stuff, nothing related to features/bugs added/fixed.

I have to admit, I’m definitely proud that my plug-in is part of a plug-ins pack, but why states false things? I’m sure the author can comment here, maybe he just wrongly added the original versions.
In the meanwhile if you download the pack I suggest to update my plug-in at least, you’ll have all the bug fixes happened in the latest release and no… you won’t loose any of the “heavily edited” lines 😉

Final note:

From the official page of the plug-in pack I read:
Here is my modified version of the WordPress theme as well as the set of plugins used. All these files should be used wit htheir own GPL or Creative Commons licenses in mind. As for my modifications, feel free to give credit or not. My changes should be considered as open for using, sharing and building on with or without attribution. This does not, however, nullify the crediting requirements or other terms of the designers and developers of the original theme and plugins. Give credit where credit is do, and share and share alike. If in doubt, check to see what their terms are in the readme files or at the creators’ websites.

Answer: I will be happy to give you the credit, if you show me the real heavily edited of my plug-in 😉

5 thoughts on “The Unstandard-Remix includes Cimy User Extra Fields”

  1. Apparently my last one didn’t get posted. No big. Going through the code from zipped archive, I see i made a mistake, though. I did end up using an original one. Just went through line by line. Sorry if you felt there was something nefarious afoot, but really it was just me remembering it wrong.

    I think what I said was that I changed a few lines so that this plugin would work with another one, but thanks. This has been a great lesson in keeping better track of code changes, no matter how slight, or undone. And in the end, as I go through it, I see I didn’t keep the changes tried with CIMY, because they didn’t remedy the problem. Sorry about the confusion.

    I just did a folder-wide search of the different versions of CIMY (and then tried this thing: on the files I remember dealing with), but it wasn’t until I looked at the css file, when I recalled what eventually was the outcome.

    I think the problem was that I had two versions of CIMY, both 1.2 and 1.3b and had been changing them back and forth to try to get the widths of the fields to work right with the CYC plugin. It wasn’t working, though, and In the end I went back to original the CIMY added some css in the site’s scc file, which did a sort of all right job for the time being, but didn’t really sort it out the way it should have.

    In the theme’s css I ended up making an addition as a temporary work-around.

    .login {
    color: #383838;
    font-size: 1.4em;
    line-height: 2.0em;
    padding: 5px;
    margin: 5px;

    Anyway, again, apologies for the alert. In upgrading the site to 2.7 I reverted back to the original CYC as well, and instead used Register Plus with it, which seems to work with CYC out of the box, so this one doesn’t have CIMY in any form now. Sorry for the bad recollection of those things.

  2. andy:
    np and thanks for the clarification, I was wondering that everything came by a mistake.

    If you will modify again the plug-in please do a diff from my version, would be nice to see if there is something I can improve.

  3. Cool beans. Will do just that when time allows. I want to check out the latest version. Ideally, I’m heading toward a themed login/registration idea that keeps people in the look of the site instead of seeing the WordPress area.

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