Cimy User Extra Fields for WordPress MU

Do you like Cimy User Extra Fields plug-in but you are a WordPress MU user? Then finally after 2 years of development I decided to support it.
But I need your help as there is a lot of work to do it and afterward I have to support both WordPress and WordPress MU in one single piece of code.

So this is my first fund raising, I need 500 EUR to complete the task, donate now!

UPDATED 25/1/2009:
donated 500 out of 500 EUR for MU support development

Thanks a lot

2 thoughts on “Cimy User Extra Fields for WordPress MU”

  1. Hey,
    I was wondering… if i hide a field from the user, where can i edit this. Could i have hidden fields that only the admin could se and edit?


  2. This is not the right page for the support, but yes, good question, it is missing a “Hide from profile a part for admins” I could add in the future, thanks for writing here.

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